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Jaguar Movie Teaser launched

 Best Movie in 2016 will be `jagvar - Chitra read hecdikumarasvami  HD movie nikhilkumar Emahadev Films banner and directed by Anita Kumaraswamy Kumaraswamy cannambika presentation rupondutonna producer of the film 'Jaguar'. Tisubbaramireddi, Allu Aravind, gantasrinivasaravu the teaser of the film was released. Hecdikumarasvami this program, Allu Aravind, disuresbabu, vijayendraprasad, ragharamakrsnanraju, keyasramaravu, Jagapati Babu Reddy kupendra, puttarajusiyas, bandapu kasampuri, emahadev, Sampath, esesthaman , ramajogayyasastri, sadhukokila, Aditya Menon, Raghu Babu, small Jayant, ramlaksman and others were present. The ... Tisubbaramireddi said, '' when devagaudagaru pm, ennikayyam Kumaraswamy to the Lok Sabha. Kumaraswamy in the field of cinema, politics cam Despite much success, are simple. He is very interested in the film, so it's introducing his son Nikhil. Nikhil also worked well. Korukantunnanu to become a big star in his English. Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, but also want to have a big success. Jagapathi Babu playing the role of CBI officer in the film was a huge asset. Vijayendraprasadgari as well as the author of the story was good. Nikhil individual diamond. Thaman, Manoj Paramahamsa was to work as a top crew, "he said. HD Kumaraswamy said, '' It's a happy day in my life. I Rajkumar in Kannada, Vishnu, English bullet, eennargari grew up watching movies. Exhibitors to enter the industry and become a distributor, I became a producer. I've done a hundred films to distribute. When Kannada films after the release of the Telugu producers have navantu support. In 2004, 'Chandra Chakori', the last film I produced. After doing this film. Vijayendraprasadgaru reason to make this film in English. Why tell the story of the film in Kannada? Even in English. He has become a hero to your boy in the wake of the film in Kannada, Telugu am. Mahadev worked well. The film was very well. Telugu audiences want to bless my child. It is the best movie released in cinemas in 2016. No longer every year, Telugu, Kannada and will definitely be a movie, "he said. Hero nikhilkumar said - '' I like telugante. Look more Telugu films. Vijayendra prasadgaru to meet my dad, when your boy is going to put it in my hands feels like our boy. Nakippatiki remember it. It was so good to tell the story. Mahadevgaru very hard to make the film was directed. Beautiful cinematography provided by Manoj Paramahamsa. Thaman has composed the music was fantastic. Navantuga I pettivarkcesanu best efforts. My father was a lot for me. What will matter little to him. Telugu audience will bless me think, '' he said. Aravind said - '' will introduce the quest to be the father of that son Kumaraswamy's tapanani I'm looking for now. Here's kastapadalsinde anyone to succeed. Nikhil that got stuck. In the teaser, it seems. I want this film to be a big success, "he said. D. Suresbabu said - '' teaser is fantastic. Nikhil seems to have been very hardvark. All the best to everyone in the team, "he said. Jagapati Babu said - '' Telugu film industry as a producer entarai grow large producer, son Kumaraswamy's quest seems to be the big hero. When asked about the case Nikhil did a lot for the state. My son can not imatram said. It is in the interest of his films. Rajakiyalakante to increase interest in his movies. To the very hardvarkar Nikhil. Sincere person. Vijayendraprasad, Mahadev, Thaman, Manoj found such a good team. He was in safe hands now. The film crew also worked in Hollywood. Privilege to be part of such a film, I think, '' he said. Ganta Srinivasa Rao said - '' kumarasvamigari boy is happy to be introduced to a hero Nikhil. PM grandfather, father will be pressure for anyone who is the chief minister was to introduce. Nikhil was very hardvark. The teaser is very cool. All the best to everyone in the team, "he said. Sikalyan said - '' History is cennambika banner. Sensesane the banner at once to introduce a hero. Mr. Kumaraswamy think every minute for the film. Dedication of the individual. Kannada and Telugu industry ravalanukuntunna Nikhil industry for One Year Prior to this film, I know how hard. Nikhil Telugu film industry has become a very big star, "he said. Vijayendraprasad said - '' What raddanle rayamannappudu thought the story was first called me. Nikhilki after watching a video clip of himself at the sight of the spark, it became evident that he was a diamond. Nikhil faith in me, entrusted to me. Mahadev film is being hard. All the Best, '' he said. Mahadev said - '' in January 2015, kumarasvamigaru heard the story. One Year along with the hero of the story for what it takes to become prepare to accommodate. Nikhil tapanapadatadu well for Perfection. Much of the film was completed. Manoj, Hayes, Thaman varkcesanu with such a good team. Kumarasvamigariki know all the things in the movie. Kannada, Telugu bilingual film, the film is released. Most of the artists in English because they think it's Telugu film. Kumaraswamy, given the opportunity, Nikhil Sunil Thanksgiving to everyone, "he said. Yasyasthaman said - 'This is the biggest film. Part of this movie is going to be very happy. Nikhil was ready for the film to take a lot of training. Was the better team. The film is sure to be a big hit. All the best to everyone, "he said. Chitra guests congratulated the members of the unit involved in this program. Nikhilkumar, Deepti starring Jagapathi Babu in the film, Raghu Babu, Brahmi, Sampath, adityaminan, bhajrang Lokesh, Avinash, Vinayak Joshi, Prashant, Supreeth Reddy, Rao Ramesh, starring, among others, offering ramyakrsna: HD Kumaraswamy, story: Vijayendra Prasad, cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa, music, yasyas. Thaman, Art: Hayes, lyrics: ramajogayyasastri, fights Ravi Varma, Ram-Lakshman, kaloyan (Bulgaria), selva, Co-Director: sold madhavasayi, Producer: Mrs. Anita Kumaraswamy, Screenplay - words - Directed by: a. Mahadev.

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