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Chuttalabbayi Audio Launched

 `Cuttalabbayi songs released Lovely Rockstar's hit original, directed by director Veerabhadram Sri aisvaryalaksmi Movies, Venkat executioner esarti Entertainment banner, produced by Ram Talluri family entertainer 'cuttalabbayi' Taman provided the music was held in the presence of a distinguished career silpakalavedikalo cuttalabbayi audio aviskaranotsavam Hyderabad. State minister T Srinivas Yadav was the chief guest at the ceremony, attended talasani cuttalabbayi unveiled the first audio CD was awarded the Director Koratala sivaku. Sudheer Babu cuttalabbayi young hero has released the theatrical trailer.   The State minister Srinivas Yadav talasani ... pijesarma very hard to come up with the family. Today the family is very happy to come from the original movie. Sun dance, fights going very well. Originally from the audience on what they all want a hero, and there are plenty. Kottataranni protsahincalsina responsible for the producers, the director is on. There is a lot of talent here, but did not encourage Parliament. Had found a small film theaters. Each issue comes pariskarincukuntu related to the film. There is no doubt the problem resolves itself soon to theaters. Ram made the picture in favor of the film, to appreciate Venkat. Director Koratala Mirchi Shiva, srimantudu images captured on film now shooting Janata garage. Protsahincalani He also would like a little hero. Director of Talent wants to achieve big success cuttalabbayi been Veerabhadram said.   The director said Koratala Shiva ... cuttalabbayi first career needs in the best film. Sun Par pharmens, taking Veerabhadram, Taman big success of the film, the music provides the perfect cuttalabbayi said.     Versatile namita heroine character in the film have said .... Sun dancer full of wonder. Mr. entertains with good support provided since the beginning of the film. My first movie was a story that was going to be starring in the film.   Director Veerabhadram Chowdhary said ... such a grand audio launch was a very happy cuttalabbayi undiadi, entertains the first time with the cast-in-law. The trailer comes with good response. Our producers are given the opportunity to do this film, Ram, Venkat thyanks that, and Garda. Cuttalabbayi our producers will become the home of the movie. Such a great film. Tisam a good movie. Everyone is going to want begs.   Ram producers - said Venkat ... our director Veerabhadram's monster. The film is very well made. The reason is that we have built this film Veerabhadram. He'll be grateful forever. The film had tremendous. We hope that everyone will like. Hard to have built a good image. The audience has accepted a success.  Music director Thaman said ... adito would need to work in a film, but for some reason could not be reached. The film was cuttalabbayi now. Sun Dance's going to be better. Adiki cuttalabbayi wanted by the big win. Director Veerabhadram speaking about ... a very good man. Success, failure, regardless of the will to laugh, always smiling. To them such a success, it will not be associated with failure. Success is always going in the calculation. Very happy to work with such Veerabhadram. Ramajogayya-in-law, said varikuppala YADAGIRI provided good songs.   Speaking at the beginning of the year, along with the hard work of our hero .. Director Veerabhadram-law made this film. He hit all of our energy to be positive given that kodutunnam. The producers of this film somewhere rajipadakunda good quality. Taman my dream is to dance to the music. It is the outworking of this film is happy. Non anyone who is a real hero. Even our non-real hero to me. This film is going to feel lucky to work with my dad.   Speaking entertains long-time .... I think that acting together with the original. But ... you do not want to be having a good film when the film is set. Adito acting together gave me a kick. Sun cuttalabbayi fans. Veerabhadram my favorite director. Veerabhadram family friendly film, the picture is very well designed. Taman family has been associated with since childhood. Music is happy to Taman original movie.

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