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Brahmotsavam Audio Released

 Brahmotsavam 'audio release Superstar Mahesh's pivipi Film, embi Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. banner, directed by Srikanth Addala Pearl vipotluri, Param vipotluri, produced by Anne kavin Youthful Love Story 'brahmotsavam. Mickey jemeyar music and songs for the film released on May 7, in the center of Hyderabad jearsi kanveksan was grand. In this event, Mahesh Prasad vipotluri, director Srikanth Addala, Kajal Agarwal, Samantha, Pranitha, Sathyaraj, Revathi, Jayasudha, garden tarani, ratnavelu, Rao Ramesh, Namrata Shirodkar, dulcimer, Gautam, senior Naresh, Vamsi Paidipally, Mickey jemeyar, Paruchuri Brothers and others were present. Super Star Mahesh Babu was released the audio CD. Sathyaraj theatrical trailer, Jayasudha, Revathi, Kajal, Samantha was released. The .... Super Star Krishna said, '' producer pivipigarito contact for a long time. The producer of a good test. Film director Srikanth Addala sitammavakitlo Sirimalle tree was very natural. Mahesh is now happy to be doing another movie. I saw the trailer alredi. It appeared more beautiful than all the films that Mahesh Babu. Mickey music is superb. Tiragarayali brahmotsavam srimantudu Records. Producers need more money. Congratulations to all members of the unit, "he said. Mahesh said, 'for the first time hyapiga audio event seemed to be coming out of my sins dulcimer. Mr. brahmotsavam Sathyaraj film, jayasudhagaru, revatigaru Happy to work with so many senior actors, I have learned many new things from them. Kajal, Samantha worked already. I am happy to work with them again. Nundo totataranigaru know I did. Madhura Meenakshi has not yet been set, he did not forget to cast Arjun in the film. This also sets were excellent. One of the best cinematographer in India ratnavelu once again showed very grand in every scene. Mickey outstanding music. Best Songs sitammavakitlo Sirimalle tree in my career. Gave better than their songs. The title track is the best song in the film of my career. Director Srikanth Addala man of pure heart. Conviction, a man of dedikesan. He made up nenidi directed film Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle tree is very natural. As the film went on to become a better human being in this brahmotsavam. Vaccindantu to every song, every day of the film pivipigaru asking a child to know things. Producer of good fashionable. He wants to do more movies like brahmotsavam. On May 20, will start Brahmotsava. We all want it to be a big festival, "he said. Srikanth Addala said: "Most of the artists cestunnanane the film, but the mind was a little phobia. Mundukellagaliganu babugaru inspired by Mahesh. He can not forget the support given. Viniyogincukunnanani the opportunity to work with him for the second time to think about my power. The title of the film have to be humble to assume that when focusing Tirupati venkatesvarasvami feet. It is the story of the way some values. Taranigariki garden, including ratnavelu actors, teknisiyans Thanksgiving to everyone, "he said. Vipotluri Prasad said, "This is a celebration of all our favorite," he said. Mickey J Meyer 'kastapaddam a lot for the music of the film. Thanks afforded the opportunity to make a good film producers such director. Sitaramasastrigaru, krsnacaitanya provided good lyrics. I am happy to work together for the second time with Mahesh said. Paidipally Vamsi said, 'Music is like a feast. Super ratnavelu cinematography. Srikanth addalagaru trend in the multi-starrer film Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle tree have to start all over again. Similar to the image of the heroes of Super Star Mahesh Babu's film gisukunte line to another line is drawn and cross it. All the Best to the unit, "he said. Samantha said: "kalipitene brahmotsavam small celebration. It is the third film by Mahesh babugarito. Vatannintikante will be a big hit, "he said. Sathyaraj said, '' I am happy to work with Mahesh Babu. All elements of the film idiannaru. Kajal said: "Amazing team work we've done together. The Beautiful Journey, '' he said. Speaking JAYASUDHA 'Beautiful X Experience. I am doing the third film directed by Srikanth Addala. Mahesh acting in the scene at the climax of my eyes showed the water. Actors, including teksisiyans everyone all the best, "he said. Revathi said, '' was the title as the film festival. The brahmotsavanlo Family Values, which are all emotions, "he said. Sudheer Babu said, 'brahmotsavam gifts at the Tirumala Venkateswara hundilo just about how, as well as the collections of the film wants to achieve, "he said.                                    Superstar Mahesh Babu and Samantha, Kajal Agarwal, the film's heroine Pranitha Sathyaraj, Jayasudha, Revathi, Naresh, Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani, subhalekha Sudhakar, basil, isvariravu, Shayaji Shinde, krsnabhagavan, silver, kadambari Kiran Chaudhary and others play an important role in Chandni . The film's director of photography: arratnavelu, Music: Mickey J. Meyer, Dance: rajusundaram, production designer: garden tarani, executive producer Sandeep gunnam, producers: Pearl vipotluri, Param vipotluri, kavin Anne, story, screenplay and direction are by Srikanth Addala.

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