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Venkaiah Naidu Appreciated Oopiri Team

  HYDERABAD IS HOME  NOW!!!!!!!!      Meaningful values ​​'breathe', the picture is as good as done by the PVP garu                                                                                   Kendra minister Naidu Venkaiah Naidu watches Oopiri Movie  On March 25, a sweeping success in the lungs, and the film was released all over the world who appreciate the many celebrities. Separately, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday and watched the film. Speaking on the occasion, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu '' on the banner of PVP Prasad film directed by Vamsi Paidipally breathe very well. More interesting, meaningful values ​​without explicit scenes in the film, which lasted until last. After the film was to be in entertainment, the knowledge, should be message. There are three elements to this film. Mahanatudu a great cast of Nagarjuna Akkineni nagesvararavugarini talapincela. Complex character, to act in such a way that it would be great to win the minds of everyone. McCarthy is also very natural, usaruga acted. Nakaite loved the film. A good story, the acting, the message would be played if the film is well proved by the film. Telugu audience must watch film. Love, affection, attachment to their loved blended. We're excited. Like the old days of the movies nowadays do not think that all the elements are now coming into the joy of the film. Actors starring in the film, to appreciate teknisiyans worked. My special congratulations pivipigariki taken such a good movie, "he said. Producer Prasad said vipotluri 'comfort Telugu audience thanks to a picture of our breath. Varyulu Union, disreputable Sri venkayyanayudugaru night I'm listening to the phone, and so many great things about the film. Adutondani film was well known throughout the world. He'd like to see the movie. He had arranged for this special show. The sensation of watching the film, I've got a good look at this picture to Mr. Naidu was the love of satisfaction. His accolades new incentive for us. Nagarjunagarini, kartini, Vamsi paidipallito hyapiga abhinandincinanduku is exclusively for members of the unit. The Venkaiah Naidu garu represent my thanks, "he said.

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