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Right Right Shooting Completed

 Right rait shooting   Manu, director of the Sri Satya Entertainments banner Sumanth Ashwin jevansikrsna movie `Right rait. Submitting VATSAVAYI INDIAN NATIONAL Venkateswarlu. Prabhakar is playing a key role in `bahubali Fame. Javeri heroine Pooja. The film was completed recently. Speaking on the occasion, producer jevansikrsna `` Our first schedule of the film to the shelf, shot Odisha 25 days. VICARABAD have until January 20 to 30 in the second schedule. VICARABAD bus depot, bastandu, terakekkincam of the key scenes in the Forest. Third schedule was recently shot in Kerala. Climax, the song, the chase scenes terakekkincadanto done the shooting. Patalunnayi five. Mrs. wrote. JB Given the good tunes. The songs will be released soon. May nelakharunagani film, released in June prathamardhanlogani cestam said. The director said `` Sumanth Ashwin is a good film career. `Lavars,` kerinta him of the success of the films, this film memorable. Nasser is a very exciting role. Entertaining stretches of the first half. In the second quarter will be a mystery. The sum of the elastic citramavutundi thrilling. Prabhakar bahubali `The driver, conductor appear Sumanth Ashwin. Inspired by the huge success of the Malayalam film terakekkistunnam launched `ardinari. Our Telugu netivitiki up modifications, did. Eskota a RTC bus that goes from the gavitiki this film will play a key role. Comedy, Love, Mystery on the citramidi said. Nasser, Dhanraj, `sakalaka Shankar, alcoholic Ramesh, Jeeva, Raja Ravindra, bharatreddi, Vinod, pavani, compassion, and others take the role of jayavani the music: JB, songs, Ms., Camera: Sekhar vijosaph, words: `darling Lord, art keemrajiv, Co-producer: jesrinivasaraju, producer: jevansikrsna, directed by: Manu, offering: VATSAVAYI INDIAN NATIONAL Venkateswarlu.

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