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Prabhu Deva Tamanna 70CR Trilingual Project Abhinethri


 Tamanna, Prabhu Deva in the combination of a large budget to 70 billion in three languages ​​'actress' 70 crore, a large budget Telugu, Hindi and Tamil languages, Tamanna, a film directed by Vijay Prabhu combination 'actress'. Kona Blue Circle Corporation in association with the Film Corporation, bielen. Together with the film emvivi English emvivisatyanarayana produced this film under the banner of the film, Prabhu Deva Studios banner, Tamil, Hindi languages ​​produced by Prabhu Deva. Rajahmundry, Mumbai two schedules completed in the third schedule of the film will begin on April 15 in Vizag. Tamanna is the heroine said - '' First time in my career playing the title role. 'Amazon' blockbuster hit, like, 'Bengal Tiger' as a commercial hit, "Breathe," I like a clean family entertainer, the audience is presented with a hat-trick. "Breath," the theaters after the film. I am very inspired by director Vijay told about this character. It is very thrilling to act simultaneously in three languages. First Time horror comedy movie is playing. My career 'actress' film becomes a sensation, "he said. Film Corporation banner presenting the image of a star writer Kona Venkat said - '' plays a major role in the film Tamanna, prabhudevatopatu Telugu, Hindi, Tamil these languages ​​play an important role leading the rest of the cast. Amir Khan 'Ghajini', sarukhkhan 'Happy New Year' films, as the cinematographer on this film workshop Nandan Manish provided is excellent photography. Amitabh Bachchan in 'Paa' film art director of the film work vaisnavireddi Art Direction is made. Antony's editing is several times as well as the National Award. Esesthaman, jiviprakaskumar is doing the music for this film. India is the top technicians to work on this film. Madarasu town, father, brother, Vijay in this film as much ekstrardinariga making different films. The film was produced in English and submitting a budget of 70 million ankampramaijdga I am very happy, "he said. Emvivisatyanarayana producer said - '' Amazon 'of his outstanding performance in the film were all impressed the first time Tamanna is playing the title role. Anuskaku 'Arundhati', jyotikaku 'candramukhila tamannaku' actress' is a wonderful citramavutundi. The first schedule of the film was shot, near the Village. We have a second schedule in Mumbai. The third is scheduled for April 15 and will be held in Vizag. We are planning to release the film worldwide in July, "he said. Tamanna, Prabhu, Sonu Sood, Saptagiri, muralisarma, Hema, Prithvi, Shakalaka Shankar and others play an important role Dialogues: Kona Venkat, Music: esesthaman, jiviprakaskumar, cinematography: Manish Nandan, Editing: Antony Art: vaisnavireddi, offering: Kona Film Corporation, producer: emvivisatyanarayana, story, screenplay and direction: Vijay.

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