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L7 Shooting in Last Stage

 The final stage of the filming of 'El 7' Rahul Movie Makers banner adit's film 'El 7 ". Javeri heroine Pooja. 'Ishq', Gunde Gallanthayyindhe ',' we ', films, story, screenplay, directing departments worked Mukund Pandey is directing this film. "Ivarsam witness' biobul care of the building, such as provided by the hit movie. A schedule has been completed recently in Hyderabad. The producer said, 'Love, comedy, horror film-forming elements in seven different subjects. The director chooses the strongest story. Yapt aditku of the story right. His character will be the highlight of the film. Pooja is the role of importance for the performance. A schedule has been heavy in recent Hyderabad. Many film, leading to the shooting lokesanki 'El 7 "in the title, saying that it was interesting, to inquire about the story is so desperately. Vizag on Monday completed the shooting schedule. Structurally rajipadadanleda nowhere. Our banner will be a good movie, "he said. The film camera: Durga, Music: Arvind Shankar, Art: hautboy, offering: Master pritamreddi, executive producer Kishore, koprodyusar: bimohanaravu, Satish shed.

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