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Antha Vichitram Movie Grand Opening

 Everything is grand miracle movie productions jagadamba  Kanpept innovative storyline ... do not ever trained with the upcoming movie. Nikhil, isika, Neeraj, samrin, jahnasayi, Kaveri, likhit, Revathi, sayipranit, bittu, Naresh, Sidhu, Charan in which the main roles. Jagadamba Productions and produced by Ram Kumar, director erroju venkata Chari. Prarabhotsavam Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad on Sunday, the film was held. Raj kandukuri muhurtapu scene sounded the clapboard and, raviji have switched on the camera. Directed by Ram Kumar, honorary director. Set up after the press conference ....  Raj said kandukuri .... this picture is being with a different concept. Similar images encouraging more likely to take better pictures. Children between the ages of 14 and 16 to bring the film to the design of the hero and heroine of the upcoming characters. Director of the innovative experiment, which is being producers. In addition to producing this film as a commercial experiment. All the best to all members of the unit said.  Director Ram Kumar ... all young children rupondistunnam this picture. Four heroes and heroines as role ceppabotunnam design and Entertaining. Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh, NTR, Ravi Teja, protected, Ileana, role-playing, children playing in the characters and Samantha are the heroines. Pataluntayi five. It is a mass entertainer comedy. Bolegaru good patalandincaru Bombay. Everyone is expected to bless our efforts, "he said.  ... The producer venkatacari erroju rupondutonna second film in our banner. Jagadamba productions aim to take better pictures. A similar effort has been made to date, no one think. This is the regular shooting from June 13. Making efforts to release the film in the first week of July. We are giving a good gift for a parent to the children on behalf of our banner. Ram Kumar was committed to the film told the story of the director of the well-liked. He said.  Bole said the music director of the Bombay ... '' Songs of the film are 5. In the introduction to a song that tells the child to be in the future. Was awesome. Thanks so much for this opportunity to the producers, the director said.  Executive producer, said Mohammed Aslam, '' a new concept. The new effort with young children. Thanks to all that support, "he said.  Nikhil, isika, Neeraj, samrin, jahnasayi, Kaveri, likhit, Revathi, sayipranit, bittu, Naresh, Sidhu, Charan in this film's main cast Fights: Ravi, Super Anand, Art: Vijay Krishna, dancing, Kiran, Murali, Balu, music: Bombay Bole, cinematography: Murali vaikrsna, Story, dialogues: esramaram Kumar, executive producer Mohammad Aslam, producer: venkatacari erroju, Director: Ram Kumar.

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