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Sunil-Kranthi Madhav Movie Launched

 Golden star Sunil Madhav combination kekranti No. Kireeti yunited Movies Limited, the production -8 start pujakaryakramalato  Established a special place for himself as a star comedian, hero, hero Sunil receiving a string of successes, almost like a film critics, do not fall for it over and over again as the day of the Taste of the commercial success of the movie, directed by Madhav light is good, in the name of the director, the latest in a series of andinstu Success of the biggest box office hit film pandagacesko after the slight gap for good stories produced by Paruchuri Kiriti, United Kireeti Movies Limited banner in the movie as a family entertainer, the production -8 No. sinipramukhula in the presence of many of today's philmnagar daivasannidhananlo prambhamaindi pujakaryakramalato. Through this film in Tamil and Family Welfare, starring in over 25 films bijiyast miya is playing the heroine. This program Krazy director VV Vinayak, Tollywood producers Krazy dilraju, suresbabu, Tagore investments, damedaraprasad, ramesprasad, rajivreddi and Chitra actors, technicians were. Ramesh Prasad's maps to a script pujacesina producers. While the camera is turned on skic dilraju leading producer of gold, the hero Sunil Babu heroine disures miya clap on the beat. Chitra Direction director Kranti Madhav provided the first shot.   Tollywood director VV Vinayak Rao said the commercial dynamic .. Madhav spectral images provided by the two films to win the minds of the audience. Stories that he has good taste. To be sure, the film also won everyone's mind. Sunil is also a good selection of images and light to move forward. Reportedly, wholeheartedly wish good success.  Prasad said the producer damedara .. the producer of the most desired man to me. Dare to him making out with the pictures. Kranti Madhav two pictures taken pictures of me like the most. Sunil will continue to enjoy looking at each picture. The combination korukuntunnanu must be superhit.  Said producer Paruchuri Kiriti .. it 'skript from two months to a full discussion of it. Director of light is already with Mr. baundad skript. In April of light onto film sets. The film has been made out and out comedy. Regularly attracts much attention.  .. I believe that the words of the author candramehan cintada as a possibility for giving me such a good movie producer Chitra, hiroki, darsakuduki Thank you ..  Director Kranti talking to Madhav .. I have two films in the genre of two types. Now that the film is a comedy angle. I wrote the story together and then went to Sunil. He is very well-liked. What image would be our guess is that the combination of the two. Jibran music. Candramehan scoring words. This story means so much to the producer Paruchuri kiriti very well-liked. Making regular shooting from April. Mia haroyin Tamil, Family Welfare in cesandi 25 images. BG There will be impressed with our story.  Miya talking to the heroine .. I was in 25 films. My first film in English. There is a lot of hyipiga. Thyanks to all ..  Sunil said, do not fall for it again and again .. I like the image of the day is one of the better films. The film, directed by Madhav light to give the audience a good story Telugu. All sections have been made keeping in mind the story of Madhav light. To my kyarektarejesan handled differently. Paruchuri Kiriti nirmistundadam built in major films, this picture is very happy. Vijaybhaskar director, as phulptedjd baundad the fact of how to shoot with a script's dialogue in the film version of velataro .. even ready to shoot and velutunnamu. Another Success will receive a golden light. He said.  Natinatulusunil, miya (contact), Sampath, Ali, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vennela Kishore, prdvi, Duvvasi Mehan, among others ..  Music director .. jibran, Art .. eyasprakas, editor .. kotagiri Venkateswara, piaro esken & Eluru Seenu, candramehan cintada words .., .. Kiriti producer Paruchuri, Story-Screenplay-Direction .. Madhav kekranti

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