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Nagarjuna-Karthi Oopiri In March

 Nagarjuna, Karthi, pivipi, Paidipally Vamsi's 'breathe' shooting - was released in March "Soggadi little bells' of 50 million joined the club as King Nagarjuna superhit film 'Awara', Karthi, Tamanna combination milkibyuti Pearl vipotluri presentation pivipi The film under the banner of 'Vrindavan' 'Guy' superhit as directed by director Vamsi Paidipally Telugu and Tamil languages, Param vipotluri, kavin Anne produced a huge multi-starrer 'breathe'. Total shooting of the film has been completed. Post-production work is currently celebrating the release of the film producer Prasad V in March. Potluri is planned. Our pivipi The company 'breathe', a prestigious citramavutundi V. Prasad is the producer of this. Potluri said - '' France, Bulgaria, Slovenia so far, no one can shoot in areas such as locations to shoot the picture was taken. Complete the shooting of the film is currently slated for a rapid post-production work. Nagarjunagari definite career, 'Breathe' is another memarabul movie. McCarthy First Time in English as well as his career-best citramavutundi film this straight. Telugu, and Tamil languages ​​simultaneously filming the movie, another prestigious organization citramavutundi our PVP. Ceyyabotunnam the end of February, a grand audio release of the film. All programs are full and are planning to release the movie in March, "he said. 'Breathe' is a Colorful Celebration Paidipally director Vamsi said - '' the friendship between two very different people, so the main focus of an emotional journey, this picture has been terakekkincadam. Phastlukki released recently got good response. A Colorful Celebration vundabotondani this film, all the happiness that enhance the positive vibrations would have been a good film. Nagarjunagaru, Karthi's friends have perpharm ekstrardinariga. It is the image of all ages to ask for them, "he said. King Nagarjuna, 'Awara', Karthi, Tamanna Bhatia, sahajanati Jayasudha, prakasraj, fiction, Ali, Tanikella bharanilatopatu popular actors playing a role in this massive maltistararku Music: gopisundar, songs, Sirivennela Karthik, ramajogayyasastri, cinematography: piesvinod, Editing: Madhu, fights kaloyin odenicarov, keravivarma, Silva, Dance: Raju Sundaram group, Adoption Story: Vamsi Paidipally, salmon, Hari, the words: Abburi Ravi, production designer: sunilbabu, offering: Pearl vipotluri, producers: PARAM vipotluri, kavin Anne, screenplay and direction Paidipally Vamsi.

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