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Kishore Tirumala to direct Victory Venkatesh

 Victory Venkatesh and directed by Kishore Tirumala  .He Provided the biggest box office hits in 2016, the director of the film, Kishore Tirumala direction I Shailja Victory Venkatesh, Ram Mehan maltidaimansan citranninirmistunnaru as prodyusar law. Victory Venkatesh is currently doing the film in the direction of the company was to go onto the sets of the film. Speaking on the occasion, director Kishore Tirumala "I like Shailja Victory Venkatesh in the film with the biggest box office hits will be my next film. Venkatesh garu was telling the story. Venkatesh garu story naccatanto am in the script work. I am happy to be doing with the next image with Venkatesh. Also this Krazy rammehan maltidaimansan picture-in-law is the producer. i'm casting the rest of the story in the midst of all naccatanto am BG. Currently, the company director Venkatesh Rao image light onto our image sets. Venkatesh's no points where fans will enjoy, as well as his family, from what viewers want a good all commercial ansaluntune to be entertained. this film is one of the most intrastig segmets. the details will soon let you know .. "said

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