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Gama Awards on February 12

 Gamma curtain raiser in celebration of the 3rd anniversary! Teluguvari in Dubai for the past two years, the most prestigious, "jabil Park" the most celebrated in the kesarigari operated under the "Gulf of Andhra Musical Awards" this year is bound to also ordered to perform at the awards function. Popular anchor and singer Mano jointly yankaring to be the flower girl at the "Amazon" Chitra hero Prabhas, Rana villain, a leading producer Shobu tamannatopatu palupancukonunnaru delayed. On February 12, the curtain raiser to the program angaranga exposition to be held in Hyderabad at the event, held at Prasad Labs. The program "Gamma Awards" manager Kesari, "Amazon" producer Shobu delayed, one of the leading composers, musical director ememsrilekha, the famous author Chandra Bose, anchor Flower, Singer and others were dipu. Speaking on the occasion, Kesari, head of gamma Awards .. "In the last two years, the most prestigious governing the" Gamma Awards "to the more richly nirvahincanunnam this year. Ubbitabbibbayyela in Dubai teluguvarandaru overjoyed nirvahincanunnam this celebration. Every year, the only awards in the music section of the gamma .. this year's" Best Movie ".. to introduce a new category for best film of the year 2015" Amazon "andincanunnam Award for the film. Chandra said .. "Last year," we "I wrote the film" kanipencina our Mother .. "won the first award for the song" Gamma ". Vyavaharistundadam such as gamma Awards judges this year was very happy," he said. Speaking ememsrilekha .. "Awards for the last two years to celebrate the guest of gamma Yes. By next year .." gamma "an award from the andukovalanukontunnanu.'re Working to maintain the prestige of this celebration so congratulations to everyone," he said. The leading producer Shobu delayed .. "we" Arca media, "the company sthapincinappatnunci" itivi "is a very good relationship with the company. The anubandhantone" Gamma Awards "ceremony, where our" Amazon "hajaravutunnam together with the team," he said. The event involved the anchor Flower, Singer dipu "Gamma Awards" were happy with the partisipet cestundadam .. wanted to make this award ceremonies should be held every year to do the same!

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