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Tejeswar Donated 3 Lakhs for Veena-Vaani Operation

 Veena vani 3 million donation to the operation of the producer does not tejesvar KALVAKUNTLA  Each person who regularly deal with the problems of some of the many problems satamatamauvutu bratukubandini lagistune order until it has the potential to bhagavantudualage gives way to show that the solution is in the midst of men called by God to all the people that showed kontamandi ideal example of the men for whom the figure stands as a model to be influenced in the same bhagavantuduatuvanti cercukunnarupramukha producer KALVAKUNTLA tejesvar take his name. Kavalalaina composite vani operation Veena Veena-Vani's father moved to plead for help for the apadbhandavula Murali (birisetti hamlet, narasinhapeta, Warangal district, ...) to build KALVAKUNTLA tejesvar Rao 'Shi' image in the media on the eve of the opening ceremony was in the presence of the 3 Rs, providing a role model for everyone . She is playing the role in the film Gandhi svetaminan Raghavendra, conscious uttej hirohiroyinluga is being Mahendra Verma's film pouch.

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