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Distributors and Exhibitors Happy with Bengal Tiger

 Distributors, Khushi egjibyutars of the "Bengal Tiger" Collections Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja srisatyasayi arts hero, is a leading producer kekeradhamohan produced under the banner of "Bengal Tiger" was released last Thursday, hit the talk teccukovadantopatu konukkonna this film distributors, exhibitors teccipedutu good profits off the blockbuster hit. Just Rs 16 crore in the first four days of the Andhra-Telangana regions, had Vasool .. The full collection on Monday with the House "Bengal Tiger" has become increasingly popular polycarbonate film distributors. Somavarannatike to achieve break even due to the revenues. 4 days, 6 billion at the Nizam's collections owned "Bengal Tiger" as the film was the biggest hit in the career Ravi said. Speaking on the occasion, Chitra producer kekeradhamohan .. "in recent years to come even though it did not break the budget in terms of revenue. At a time when our company came from, such as" Bengal Tiger "is very easy to rise to this rare feat matter of pride for me as a producer. Especially the movies" Un-season "in December that describes itself as a large collection of this sort of case to bring the ravitejaku Kingdom was the star," said

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