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Baby Doll Movie Opening Details

 Hasika Dutt as the lead actress in the direction of "Baby Doll" The hero of Manas 'Rising Sun Films' banner hasika Dutt directed by posing as a heroine of the movie "Baby Doll". Telugu and Tamil languages ​​simultaneously rupondanunna Taj Mohammad, the producer of the film. Chitra upcoming inauguration of the New Age Love Story, Hyderabad, was the Annapurna Studios. Hirohiroyinlu Manas, hasika Dutt, Jagdish kodairektar village on the scene shot muhurtapu should clap, is a leading producer tummalapalli ramasatyanarayana have switched on the camera. Manas a press conference held after the hero, heroine-cum-hasika Dutt, director, producer, Taj Mohammad, Raghava nuleti cinematographer, music director Munna Kashi, dialogue writer, Parry attended by Ravi Shankar. Come hasika Dutt said the director of the heroine ... "vayasoccina .. every guy fiancee 'should be stated that kantuntadu dreams. So this is a dreamy story of a boy" Baby Doll ". Telugutopatu Tamil terakekkincenduku this picture planning. New Age Love Story rupondanunna this film, as well as youth and family audiences is also impressive. Shooting is almost Nellore planning. Regular shooting will start from January 8. The movie hero character is innocent. That is why the choice of the hero Manas cesukonnam. Besides, this film Brahmi, Senior Naresh, sampurnes Babu, comedians, such as play a leading role Saptagiri '' he said. The hero Manas said ... '' line always loved me. The film is out and out entertainment. Each movie is usually domination. But, there is greater scope for perpharmenski the heroine of this film. Taggattugane it is also my character. Child artist I've done a lot of movies. As well as also was in the lead. Istundanukuntunnanu good break for me as the hero of this film, '' he said. Munna Kashi is the music director said ... '' hasika a good friend to me. Besides working as a heroine, she is also aware of the direction I am feel very happy. There are five songs in the film. Rikardingki songs are moving this week. Each song covered by each genre will feel very different, '' he said. Ravi Shankar said Parry, a dialogue writer ... '' This is a good opportunity to write the words of the film's hasikagariki Thanksgiving. The yutki loved every dialogue, '' he said.  Manas, hasika, Naresh, Brahmi, Rao Ramesh, sampurnesbabu, drunkard Ramesh, Saptagiri, dulcimer, Purnima, Bhagyaraj, samudrakhani, Satish, Imran anaci, mottay Rajendran and others play a role in the music: Munna Kasi, cinematography nuleti Raghava, saying: Ravi Parry, Editing: Anil Kumar shower, Visual Effects: Naveen cartoonist, Stills: Sri, Make: Posters, costumes: King, Production Executives: eedukondalu, vaisuresbabu, kodairektars: rajarajan arc, Jagdish village, Producer: Taj Mohammad, story, screenplay and direction: hasika Dutt!

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