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Thanu Nenu on November 27

 Astacamma, film producer Ram Mohan P uyyala jampala. Self-directing "He was released on 27 nenu Astacamma, Golconda High School, uyyala jampala superhit films such as Ram Mohan P reputed producer of interest. Now became a director. Avika nails heroine, 'Rain', the director's son, Santosh sobhan sobhan disuresbabu's presentation at the Sunshine Cinema, Viacom 18 self-directed by Ram Mohan P Pictures banner. Love and family entertainer titled 'I am he,' shooting has been completed. Diwali gift rilijaina tijarki got a good response. On March 27, the film rilijavutondi. Rama Naidu Studios in Hyderabad on the occasion of the film's sangatulivi citrayunit ...  The producer, the distributor said disuresbabu - '' Nani, Tarun Raj hirolayyaru talent. Nanny astacemma film producer Ram Mohan, rajtarunni artsy jampala have a movie. There will be some guppita to capture control of the industry. No one aniceyaleru talent. Ram Mohan sought for the hero of its own to make up the story. Nani was the hero as well. Rajtarun came to light. They live pattangadatam example of that talent. Here there is no any control. Complaints can no longer stop. Focus on the task. Tapincandi for Quality Work. Ram Mohan, another new boy (Santos) is introduced in the movie. Viacom, the company is planning to release the film at the international level. AP, Telangana, the film is distributed by our company. Jimyujik acquired the rights to the audio. I have worked on any film before the film from the team involved in the story. Nirmata patarojullo between suppliers would have a good supplement. Unable to tell the story, talked about the project .. How much money is needed, ask the producer obtained from suppliers. It is the old fashioned method of distribution. Still follow that pattern. We have been doing this only! Changing the course of the film business. Every time it feels good when a change to the old method. But as the time of the change. As a result, we need to go forward greatly. Niladokkukogalam the industry. Mundukelitene understand and survival situations. Santoski new guy has a good future. Audiences love to come tyalentuto hero. The film achieves a big success, '' he said.  Chitra director, producer pirammohan said - '' astacemma edellayyindi was the success of the film. Nayudugarito for a long time, Suresh worked in production is associated with. Is like a dream, I said to the director of the banner. In 1996, I came to the industry. And since then has suresbabuto friendship. Rama Naidu philinskul sayes boy student wrote this story. Iccestanu departed for the United States, given that the story go .. .. abusing him and told him this story is you can do directly. But he left the hearing. I've directed. This is an urban romantic comedy. Cute lavstori impressive. Santosh was trained in Bangalore. Golconda High School and worked with me in the film. He's done a good job in this film. This film has won a large victory. Everyone should be blessed, '' he said.  Hero Santosh said - '' My dream natudavvalannadi. Suresbabugaru, giving a chance to rammohangaru encouraging'm grateful for life. Nani, thanks to the promotion of rajtarun '' he said.  Nani said - '' That is my own team, which astacemma banner. Everyone called me .. I've actor, producer darsakudavutunnaru. He can introduce? Asking that. So now everyone will be introduced as a director. Rammohangaru produced successful films in a row suddenly a little hesitant before darsakudavutunnarante. But this film is shown in the preview. The film was immersed in five minutes. This is a cute lavstori. Santosh naccesadu very well for me after watching the movie. Eight cesinadanikante cemmalo I did very well in the film. Hero-directors must give credit to 50-50. As well as the way the story is well natistene meppistundi film. I thought so. Avikagor the lead role, played very well. Tvistulu watching the film throughout, the displeasure of tarnulu feel fine. Smayilto come out of the theater, '' he said.  Said Tarun Raj - '' I Will rammohangarini direct contact with a script? Said. I said yes I will. But he made me a hero. He is godfather to me in the industry. The person who knows everything about the film. I will not to do this film. Santosh ceyalsinade. He acted well. I made this film is parallel to the image of film showing the human. Kottalsina hit film. Directing, camera work is very good. In the case of your film if my gessing me wrong, but I have to correct. Ram Mohan should be more good movies. Nakkuda given the chance, '' he said.  Viacom 18 Pictures sivovo said Ajit andher - 'Sunshine Cinema in association with suresbabu build this picture. We're Release International level. Suresbabu, Ram Mohan production of the film as an opportunity to work with them and feel lucky to come. A good story, content, characters, cast much of our plan to build a limited budget films. Tollywood films with malage tistunnam others think. He is a good film comedy entertainer. There is much love. In the south, love the movie for everyone. Andukuntamanna big success is the belief that, '' he said.   Avika Gore, Santosh sobhan, LeapFrog Ravibabu, satyakrsna, Kiriti dammaraju RK Uncle, music plays an important role rajasrinayudu others: Sunny M.., Cinematography: Suresh sarangam, editing by Marthand kevenkates, Art: esravindar, construction: Sunshine Cinemas Pvt. Ltd, Viacom 18 Pictures Ltd, offering: disuresbabu, producer-director: Ram Mohan P.

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