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Tanu-Nenu Producer -Director Ram Mohan Interview

 Conflict has that touch my heart - `he-nenu interviews with filmmakers Ram Mohan  Astacemma, Golconda High School, uyyala jampala rammohanpi built as a super-hit movies. He became a director .. avika nails heroine, 'Rain', the director's son, Santosh sobhan sobhan disuresbabu association's Sunshine Cinema, Viacom 18 Pictures banner was built under the direction of self-love and family entertainer 'I am he,' rilijavutondi on March 27. Tollywood agranirmata disuresbabu friendship, Movie Mughal dadiramanayudu guide ratudelina philimmekinglo he entered the studio Sunshine Films banner-making lessons nercukunnake film wins in a row receiving said producing movies. On March 27, `he - Rama Naidu Studios in Hyderabad on the occasion of the release of journalists interacted nenu. .. That visesalivi   * I believe in Destiny. In fact, before the arrival of film I would have a different business. At that time, not understanding about the films. But the producer of disuresbabuto friendship films have been inadvertent. What is learned that the studio atmosphere. That is the lesson taught the ABC movie suresbabu reputations. Measured and how to build a movie? How to choose a good story? Nayudugaru is taught. I want to build a film industry in 2002 and first met Suresh Krishna Mohan Indraganti production. Golconda High School novel konnam carcinceppude with him. Time virinci Verma said that the artsy jampala story. We had certainty is fully ready. As well as philinskul Rama Naidu Student sayes 'he-I' to sell the story, with the United States, moved to a different job opportunity. I have directed that the reimagining of the now.  * Director of the fact that I would be able to have all the support. Encourage before he was the hero Rana Proceed. My well-, technicians Everyone encouraged me. Destiny leads anyway. Production have been inadvertent. Now also wanted to proceed. The line 'Golconda High School' Santosh's work has appeared in the film. .. You are the hero character must aphiski he can do when he said that the rehearsals. Encouragement suresbabugari after that he did-I finished the film.  * In addition to the 20-year-old has experience working in the studio. Suluvaindi the witness. Now, for most of my experience as a producer. So it's been a big help to all sakhalatonu is introduced. All of the new seem to work with the team over a family. Tisananna is satisfied with a good movie.  Despite some tension, however, in the case of * Ravibabu actor on the set. He was a director, he wanted to do direct. Suluvaindi to work with, but his support. For the first time the director takes the iccarayana any suggestions.  * We make the difference in the film's plot, Nani 'big big magadivoy' story is similar in terms of diversity, "he is-nenulo. The father of my daughter to go to the United States, the conflict between the United States of America to the daughter who does not like to appear to be fresh. Whether this story is that two years ago when the newly kanvins contribute. Nunu engineering as well as the United States want to go after. They were able to natoti I vellalekapoya America. He also connect to this point.  * 'Golconda High School' and the character of the movie played by Santosh Gautam. He encouraged audition. Avudamani hero while he felt some personal reasons, moved to Bangalore. There taught theater arts. Plus, it also became a hero to him. Fine romance, humor, this film he starred in the well-odigipoyi. Santosh hero of the film, acting is impressive accent. So it goes without saying avikagor proven to be a very big plus.  * Production is fine. Why direct? All that is asked. So I started the film without anyone else. Confidence, however, have done this film. In addition to the cast, 2 months in advance have been well rehearsed. Therefore, getting in trouble for going lokesanki new director was able to complete the film in just 33 days.  * Currently, "battlement", a short film build. Anudip will be directed to the new guy. Rachakonda visvadev - punarnavi playing the lead. Starting two days of shooting in Hyderabad. My mother Suresh Productions. I understand where the movies. If a director, or my affiliation with this company, but will continue to produce.

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