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Sher Success Meet Details

 Share' movie box office collection is happy to dusukupotunnanduku: Producer Komara Venkatesh  'Share' is a good comedy entertainer prasansalostunnayi the director Mallikarjun  Daring star NTR kalyanram - Sonal Chauhan starrer directed by Vijaya Lakshmi Pictures banner mallikharjune Komara Venkatesh movie 'Sher'. SS Thaman has composed the music. On March 30 rilijai biggest share of the worldwide movie success meet philinchambarlo was set up in Hyderabad.  The success of the meet director Mallikarjun ..- 'share of the TAC running good from the point of release. Prasansaloccayi kalyanram performance in the film, saying it was awesome. Kalyanram looking very beautiful in this film than the previous one, was characterized by the fine abhinayanto akattukunnadani. Fights, kalyanram performance of the songs had to talk very specifically that. His performance when it comes to comedy, as well as navvukuntunnaru adiyen. Brahmi, karumanci Raghu, Prithvi has been made, including the comedy scenes navvukuntunnaru All is well. Prasansaloccayi citramidanna well worth a visit with his family. The only noise comes from the comic scenes in the auditorium. The success kalyanram my hero, my producer has been possible only because of Komara Venkatesh. Kalyanram once again co-starred fine. It was a big plus for the movie. Our producer Rich Komara Venkatesh every frame, as well as all the facilities needed to come. The industry needs a lot of these producers. Commercial in the sense that it could have gotten for each producer having worked on the film. Diamond Gem words, Baby Action, Music is the highlight of the film everything. Taman provided the songs, ririkarding the main strength of the film. Adiyenni the last 25 minutes of the film in theaters, in particular, has a very mesmaraij. Kalyanram given this opportunity, Komara Venkatesh'm grateful, "he said.  Chitra producer (citrapuri Colony, President, Federation President) Komara Venkatesh - '' share of the tremendous response to the film has a release date and adiyenlo .. This is a good family entertainer. Citranike to highlight the performance of our hero kalyanram. Songs, dancing so beautifully prasansaloccayi kanipincadanna. The highlight was the talk of the film, as well as humor. Especially in the last 25 minutes of the Audience in theaters, coming from the SCOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE response. Hyderabad, we have seen the reaction of the audience to go to the local theater. Response has been amazing. Especially comedy, songs, fights unnayantu prasansaloccayi highlight of the film. Who worked on this film actors, technicians, thank you to everyone. And provided encouragement along my thanks to everyone, especially '' he said.  Gem Diamonds said the author's words - '' Pandavas Pandavas bees, Pilla life without you .. the movie was written by words. Share the story of the film, gave words. Share the story with the director wrote Mlle. Rilijai recently enjoyed great success in the film. Telugu States supports the people well. Hyderabad saw the truth at the reception. Brahmi, Raghu, Prithvi and the Gang, a comedy starring response has been fantastic scenes. The first film of my career, 'Devdas' in the first week, becoming the talk of Disaster. After that successfully competed in 175 days. Similarly, the share of this going off the road to success, "he said.  Karumanci actor Raghu said - '' The film won rilijki exactly five days before the election, our producer citrapuri. Anipincukunnaru King Collection at the ballet. Share rilijaina Collection at the box office as well as the King anipincukuntunnaru. This is an excellent achievement mallikharjunki director. In the film, I Chittoor and Anantapur spoke accent. The response was amazing. Earlier matladevadini Telangana accent. This time for trying new adiyenlo got good response. There is very happy. The producer of this film getting made up somewhere investments. Thanks for encouraging gave the director a good character. Brahmi along with me, good humor Prithvi All grown up, '' he said.

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