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Santosh Shoban Interview about Tanu Nenu

 That can be enjoyed by everyone from children to young adults in the movie, "he and I ' - Hero Santosh sobhan Astacamma, Golconda High School, uyyala jampala superhit films such as Sunshine Cinemas, built in the interest of producer Ram Mohan P banner. The latest 'Rain' superhit film, directed by the director's son, Santosh sobhan sobhan as a hero, a heroine avika Gore film 'tanunenu' also became a film director and producer Ram Mohan. 'Golconda High School' Santosh sobhan played a central role in the film 'I'm his film debut as a hero. The hero of this film is being released worldwide on November 27 interview with Santosh sobhanto. 'I am he, "how was the movie of your choice? - I was educated in Bangalore. Rammohangaru given a script to read when halideski summer Hyderabad. Next day I have to audition. After the rehearsals that were with me in regards to this film. I am selected to do this film. Are there any unforgettable events for you during the shooting of the film? - One can not say. Because the shooting took place in a very good atmosphere. The banner was in before, so the Sunshine Cinemas paniceyadamante a memarabul Experience every day. All are the work of a family. It is a very friendly environment. Almost 35 days have passed very happy. Experienced gorlanti avika seemed to act the heroine? - Thanksgiving is the first avikaku. Kottavadini because I can. She is very senior in terms of performance. Kottavadito to act like a star, and he has a very great thing oppukovadamanedi. It seemed to me greatly. Rammohanki It is also the first film as a director. It was how you feel? - Rammohangaru the script cadivinappude avutundanipincindi is a very good movie. Great opportunity for me to come to such a good movie. Golconda High School in rammohangaru after the hero of this film was to me. A good story, a good concept to everyone who like this film definite. Rammohangaru may be made by first-time director. This picture was so amazing director who has directed 30 films. Will this film the mass adiyanski Reich? - Rammohangaru whether a film is a good story. Intended to do is to ask all of the movies. Class except of course, the difference in mass of his stories appear in the film. Everyone from small children to adults will like this movie. In this case, I am very confident. No Encouragement of Industry is your first film as a hero? - Tell it in words. I would encourage everyone very much. The passion comes from my father to me on film. I prabhasgaru the eve of the release of the first film's hero, nanigaru, krsnavansigaru, trivikramgaru, ravitejagaru, senthilkumargaru, prabhudevagaru told me the best wishes. Vallandariki my Thanksgiving. As well as for me on Twitter, tweeted mahesbabugaru. I think it's very respectful. I know the feeling mahesbabugariki favors a kick. As well as a copy of the first to see the nanigaru, suresbabugaru, rajtarun aprisiyet to me, it was a lot of happiness. 'I am he,' What ceppadalucukunnaru's audience? - A good movie, a clean movie worth a visit with his family. Everyone will enjoy watching this film. He will bless us and I hope all of our interviews at the end of the film the protagonist Santosh sobhan November.

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