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Madhu Shalini Interview about Cheekati Rajyam

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 Malni need to kiss a lot of the story - the actress bars  Universal Hero facilitate the hero Rajkamal Films International, srigokulam Movies banner and directed by Rajesh emselva escandrahasan, built facilitate different action thriller 'kingdom of darkness'. In this film the biggest opener of the recently released superhit film has attracted audiences from all sides. Bars played a key role in this film. 'Cikatirajyam "the actress successfully exhibited in bars about his role in the film, talked about his perpharmenski the response. The audience will enjoy watching again and again The film was released on November 20 by the very positive feedback in the media coming out to see the movie again and again and enjoy it. I am a Telugu film starring the first time coming into my kyarektarki such good feedback. Movie in English after so many years have been a straight-kamalhasangaru. Telugu audience with him was very well received. Director rajesgaru kamalhasangarito have to travel for seven years. His first film as a director. The film director was himself rajesgaru pruv. He can still do a lot of other good films, I also want to give a good chance. The songs do not have a good background score of the film, the movie is very grippingga. Adaristam we have anything good movie. The film is an action thriller that was a different genre. It seemed everyone kanvinsinggane Kamalhasangarito kissing scene was in the movie. Kiss, a romantic scene in the movie shows it usually is. But, this movie is a story kamalgarini need to kiss. He will go with the story of a film. However, because the story should have been exposed to any scene. Kamalgarito vallandariki saw the movie kissing scene seemed kanvinsinggane. None of this has not been pinpayint. Then it was reported that kyarektarki the Importance Kamalhasangarante I very much liked to have said in the interview. Auditions for a movie that my friend, the heroine Priya Anand said. Kamalgaru looked at a lot of the other girls. Cesukunnarante select the best villain of the film in particular is why I came to Hyderabad for promotions were to meet up with him. As soon as he said it is okay to take me in his film. Kyarektarki then that I learned about the Importance. Kamalgarito act unforgettable experiences Any kamalgaru cesestuntaru very easy. But, to me, was very difficult. Although he is still a wonderful film of his first film is Joel. Other characters in the movie plays his character as well as how much the output may also be said that all of us are very helpphulga. I learned a lot from him. I am acting in this film is the most memorable experiences ever. Tamil, Malayalam Next Movies I will do in the next movies in Tamil, Malayalam said. Soon, the details relating to tell. There are also opportunities in English. But, like I can not due to the lack of character.

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