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Kumari 21 F Teaser Launched by NTR

 21 F. The discovery of Ms. teaser! "It is the story of the last six years pursuing me. If a day in the sun pratapku 'older brother, is the story of the film can contribute to cancer, "he said. To do so, "Ms. 21 F of the film began," Sukumar said. He presented the story, screenplay and the film 'Miss 21 F'. Tarun Raj, playing hebapatel nayakanayikaluga. Surya Pratap palnati director. Vijay Kumar bandreddi, jointly Notes Chitra phastluk this teaser that was released on Friday was the hero of the bullet. Sukumar this occasion said: "This is a beautiful love story. Entiarku dokina short break at the time of writing this Chitra Katha and wrote the story. In front of them wanted to do this film with the new. I would, however, has been rajtarun this patrajektlo. Devisriprasad, ratnavelu been what this film will speak to the audio function. Kannillostayi I already told you, "he said. NTR was also made into a film flops, but why do not want all that. Respect Sukumar's film is that even if the film flops. Sukumar such a great director. "Kumar, 21 F. 'movie cudalanna would be interested to know about the teaser lancku was coming to a close," said annarudevisriprasad' ratnavelu, I just meant Sukumar're in this film. In the teaser, he has exposed just how brilliant director. That's a beautiful story, beautifully written by Sukumar based Suryapratap. The film has also brought a new image rajtarunku. It is a visual magic. Ratnavelu the main pillar of the film cameramen. He provided the photography for the film stands out as a highlight, "he said. Suryapratap director, cameramen ratnavelu, Tarun Raj hero, heroine hebapatel, Vijay Kumar bandreddi, Notes, and others were biviesenpasad.

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