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Gunasekhar Interview About Rudramadevi

 I've got guptanidhi 'rudramadevi' story. I can make such a big-budget movie - The dynamic director of the gunasekhar  Anushka is the heroine in the title role as the top quality properties, in association with Team Works under the dynamic director of the filmmakers by Ms. raginii India's first stereoscopic 3D film, Hysterical 'rudramadevi'. Gonagannareddiga Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati calukyavirabhadruduga technology, the highest so far this film has been made with an unprecedented in the history of Telugu cinema. This is a huge film will be released in theaters on October 9 the highest in the world. The interviews conducted by the filmmakers gunasekharto ..  What is the reason to get this picture in 3D? As a result, when faced with any difficulties? - In the case of 3-D edurkonnam much trouble. However, nowhere in the film compromised without the intent to put the well-being of the top technicians of the 3D format. High Standards Technical film should have taken more time. Historical India's first stereoscopic 3D movie terakekkincadanlo this picture taken so many precautions. In collaboration with our technicians, we tisukuragaligam expected effect. The cost of the project was to believe that the film was commercially rudramadevi varkavut? - Gona gannareddi point of view, the film removed, it is virtually commercial varkavutavutundani to counsel some producers. But I was only rudramadevi story. In other words, rudramadevi heroism, seemed sensibilitis. This is one of the film beyond the commercial cinema. I started believing that I am the producer of the film rudramadevi caliber. Owners of large studios tiyalsina the picture I have of making the adventure. I strongly believe that I have done so. I am a great position to update technology. When the idea was to film the story of rudramadevi tiyalyanna? - Andhra University in the 8th grade reading Telugu non ditaillo rudramadevi studied the lesson. It is stored in the memoirs. Chennai, assistant director of the Hollywood movie I saw when the brave heart. We are such a rarity. 196070la new genre of films, however, after a period of decline. That seemed to be a different genre film requires. The story of the film seemed to rudramadevi. The reason for such a delay in the project? - To take a movie of this story did not come forward with any producer. That is why I am nirmatanayyanu this film. In fact, after one tiyalanukunna rudramadevi image. 'Announcement also came suparhitlo. Varkavutavvadani tap the middle of the producers that had begun after the priprodaksan. In 2004, a heroine-oriented film can not be put 2025kotla budget. If the commercial is going to be a movie based on the character gonagannareddi varkavutavutundi. But I do not like it. Rudramadevi kathake emphasized. Commercial rudramadevi the story in my mind. The level of success of the South receive one of the highest-paid .. have a different idea. But the man was in trouble after an unexpected fall in the graph. Rudramadevi thought as a director, I am stuck. Dare to the next step and that is why I produced the film. Rudramadevi had to drive me to the story. In a way, one commercial project, which is more than ten times the GDP. Think this film will be the risk of a large budget? - To introduce new technology to the audience member who ceyyalsinde risk. At the time, the movie is going to have to introduce DTS. Ceyalsoccindi 25 million for the cost of arojullone dities. Rather than hearing the sound of the film will be run on separate disk. What is it? All that was said. At that time, there was just four theaters, dities facility. Ditiesni successfully introduced to encourage trust from my producer. Now dities theater show that is not? As well as a soldier in the film diai (digital intermediate) have introduced. Primary and secondary color color was also diai control. Now is not the film that are not diai. Kutticetan seen as a 3-D movie was a child. Ayyam 3D update. Now came the digital 3-D. 2 D 3 diloki convert the film can be taken. Rudramadevi the stereoscopic 3D image was tiyyadam.  3-D technology, trained heard! - 3 for the London kraskors learned from the education. I went to Germany to shoot the trial. Setskellam before teccukunnake perfect understanding.   - Of course, Amazon did the film prior to the start rudramadevi picture. Complete rudramadevi have business before the release of Amazon gets. The movie is to be believed, it was sold rudramadevini volunteers to commit to them. But Amazon has increased the range of the market. For those who pre-sold the film ended up being fine. Amazon has been the influence of the Hindi version of business as well. Amazon Most Expensive Movie to be publicized in the country. Technical High Standards when it comes to our film rather than the film, one of India's first historical 3-D movie.  Anushka rudramadeviga expect the first option? - Rudramadevi who are expected to be needed in that role? Having searched that. Anushka, however, think that the effect of Arundhati. But the end came the response from the public bid unless Anushka. As well as for the role of gonagannareddi Mahesh, the bullet did not consult anyone. Both know the story from the front. Said that there was interest. Matladukunevallam together from time to time. But before that we have run out of the media. Bunny himself, there is an interest that came after. Bunny as a movie lover. I'm in this project. Said that it will use to your liking. Phlapniccina my belief that given the chance to work as a groom. .. I'm away from hits such as call and put the call resugurram annadante the merits of the bunny. Bunny beyond the frame, leaving the image of this role. 70 crore in the big-budget movie can do to? All anukuntunnademitante gunasekharki found some treasure. That is why such a large budget film. Yes. I found the treasure. I've got the story rudramadevi guptanidhi. Those who believe in this story, the film was successful in 80 million budget. Specializes in stereoscopic 3D? - Cesedappude 3D stereoscopic 3-D is to shoot. Typically, this format is to convert 2D films are not 3 dilaku. 3 D stereoscopic operate simultaneously with two cameras. The left eye, the right eye of both the two lenses should be ... To merge the two frames and drawn once. 2 out of 3 from 3-D conversion of the highly quality than what is taken in. Rudramadevi life story, starting from nowhere, end up where? - Rudramadevi from the film to be born. Her administration would be a grand victory. There have been the end of the film. The circumstances of the 13th century, the history of the South, the bulk of the Kakatiya ruled, rudramadevi bravery shown in the film. 2 hours, 38 minutes, rudramadevi story, Tamilnadu History can not be the subject of tiyyadam. Adventure does this passage? - Eviem studio, Padyamala Studio tiyalsina film companies. I am a simple teknisiyanni. I venture to say this film is tiyyadam. This film is the story of the film is due to rudramadevi drive. The Ilayaraja, srikarprasad, Neeta Lulla, coupled with the top technicians of the film was better than what I expected, the dynamic director of the gunasekhar he ended the interview.

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