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Anushka Interview About Rudrama Devi

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 Rudrama life on the screen to watch the incident - Anushka  Be rudramadevi film starring Anushka in the title role. Gunatim Works, is under the direction of sviyanirmana gunasekhar. Historical country's first stereoscopic 3D film. On December 9, the eve of the release of the film features Anushka Shetty interacted office in Hyderabad gunasekhar.  Rudramadevi something unique?  Backdrop fiction film Arundhati period. Amazon folk fiction film backdrop. Genuine rudramadevi the historical backdrop of the film. Caduvukunnam about rudramadevi history textbooks. Kakatiya dynasty, rudramadevi life, there are many emotions. Venditerakekkince things have gunasekhar extraordinary effort. It was down in the history of cinema. Andukuntam runaway success.  Difficulty in making 3-D?  3-D is difficult. Alignment means that any change must be done very carefully. The lens will be a waste of time, such as 45 minutes marcalante. It is very difficult. So much care ansets of the film. Everything was about 3 D relevant features such as dialogue delivery care.  Rudramadevi shooting .. Why the delay?  Rudramadevi shooting would have been on the delay, but not alantidem. Visual graphics is very time consuming task. 3D, graphics, which means an investment of hundreds of millions of affair till the end of everything, it is not so. However, with regard to the history of the Kakatiya manade found diteyils. Most of the time it took for the riserctone. Canvas will do everything and just diskasanke allocated for months. Vellevallam setski carcincake discussed everything.  Rana opposite. How is your Pair?  Rana me know vaccinappatnunci films. Pair Rana appeared in the film. Our couple feels very fresh screen. Rana seems to see the shape of a huge but, the film seems to be a romantic yangillo.  Arundhatiki, amazon .., .. comparisons rudramadevi? Making changes then and now?  Arundhati image is comparable with any other film. Arundhati unique in my career. The turning point in my career, it is a movie. As well as graphics, in terms of technology is very marpoccindi then and now. Now everything has become very easy. Technicians receive awards at the national level bodybuilder, worked in rudramadevi. Viepheks, served as pioneers in the graphic. Aish, gunasekhar output as a great crew was awesome.  Specialty rudramadevilo?  Rudramadevi an incident in life will never be forgotten. See the urgency of it on the screen. Sannivesamadi ollu exhilarating. Beauty is in the role of rudramadevi. There is pain. There is emotion. Mesmaraij make everything on the screen.  Chances .. tyalentu the only unique to you? Lottery?  Vaccayante good opportunities in my life, it's my luck. Arundhati, Amazon, rudramadevi opportunities such as vaccayante tyalentu not the only one, there is also so fortunate.    Love the jewelery?  Rudramadevi unique ornaments. Jewellery virtually no naccavu me. Plead not go to weddings. But after watching rudramadevi I also designs jewelry, ornaments looked back. Based on history, Sculpture Designs jewelry, designed by the nitalulla.  Nithya Menon is the character?  Menen wonderful actress. Is phokassivga. There are a few interesting scenes in the film rudramadevi mamadhya. We muccatincukunevallam ansets friendly blend of yoga and other things. Nityaki is very interested in yoga. As well as Katherine, Nithya the most important characters in the film. He did not reveal any more about them.  .. Sean gonagannareddi to know who? The situation was it that bunny?  He heard the screams .. gannareddi gonagannareddi gona shot scenes. People assume that there really is not in character aravali gannareddi. Renju who this character is ..? .. Bunny, starring the character that the anukuntundagane. He is thought to be suitable. Promoting innovative bunny hero. He is the author of the film was Veda. Now once again opted for the role of rudramadevilo gonagannareddi.  Iccestara back to the producer lose money?  I did not become enough to withdraw money. The movie is based on the remuneration will demand. Prizes will not go as well as some movies. Everyone knows it ventabadataru. .. What story will not go paid separately. If the story do anything. Like a lot of money. But acting for the sake of money. My career is to gain but not loss. Money, everything to gain performance. Nagarjuna, syamprasad Reddy, Aish, Prabhas .. Families that many associate with me is fine. This gain. All this became possible due to support mothers and fathers decade career.  Miss career, and look to make movies?  Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle tree, when Vishwaroopam 1 films miss. Srikanth Addala told the story. Sita's character made the offer. Well-liked. But could not. Anjali played a role.

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