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The Eyes music launch on 26 August

 On August 26, 'The Eyes' release.  Ram Gopal Varma's '365 Days' in-built young and dynamic producer of the film producer divisini divivenkates citrannidi Ice Creations banner mirajasmin in a Leading Role in Malayalam titled Telugu audience will be offered. Sajiyam director of this film. This image is planning to bring forward as soon as possible Telugu audience. The ...      Chitra said producer divenkates '' pandenkodi, gudumba Shankar, the girl looks imminent as the audience in the Malayalam films in Telugu Malayalam film starring muddugumma mirajasmin before the wedding. Horror, suspense, thriller with elements of the Malayalam super hit movie was better to collections. After this film, she has not appeared in other films. The film 'The Iceman' will be released in English under the name. Currently, the film celebrates ririkarding programs. I saw this picture, I loved it. Telugu audience naccutundanipincindi sure this film, so I bought the English rights in this release Chitra. In addition to the taste of Telugu audience with the help of music director of the Kanishka ririkarding newly lacking. As mentioned earlier, with a good point sajiyam horror, suspense, thriller elements of the film shot. On August 26, as well as handling the audio program. All programs are full, and the film was released on September 11. Meera Jasmine's performance stands out as the highlight. Telugu cinema audience will be. As well as in our banner, directed by vansigari 'mind, the door slowly, it hit the film is slated for release on September 26,' 'he said

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