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TFDA Collecting Directors Data - Veera Shankar

 "The history of Telugu directors sanklipta" collaborate in the collection !! Telugu film directors association president virasankar      To record a comprehensive history of the Telugu film directors 'association Telugu Chitra directors' planned. The first Telugu film 'Bhakta Prahlada' creator hecemreddi from the Telugu film darsakundari details, including the date stored .. An ambitious program, "Telugu Film Directors Association Chitra 'broke new ground. From 1931 to 2015, varaku .. everyone, including those directed only one film to collect information, "sanklipta the history of Telugu directors' veluvarincenduku Directors Association and is planning a book. '' Until 2007, all the details of the sekarincagaligamani missavvakunda but also one of the directors introduced in 2007 was not available to them and their details .. Ugadi from 2007 to 2015, directed the film in both, but .. they, or their relatives, but the number or 8008457478/9440492275 .. by e-mail .. tfda08@gmail.com sampradincavalasindani Telugu Film Directors Association president Chitra said in a statement virasankar !!

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