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Poonam Pandey Malini & Co Release on August 28

 Poonam Pandey, Milan's main characters, Manish Arts and Media Pvt Ltd banner, Kishore rathi presentation, viruke producer Mahesh rathi flick, "Benz & Co. '. The film will be released on August 28 to complete the sensor functions. On this occasion ..  Poonam Pandey said, "It's my first film. This film starring role, I will be very different from my real life. It is a masala action film. They have to work with the feel of my adrustanga. 28, begs the audience to the film would be released," he said.  Speaking of Milan '' in the wake of the terrorist action and romantic genre of the film takes place. Top teknisiyans support of six songs, Thailand, Malaysia, jaripam filming. It was a mass entertainer. Comedy, Action, all elements are in this picture. I hope the audience will be favored, "he said.  K., who said that "cinema is coming back after so many years, Manisha organization. Whichever idea why this film led to a successful film. Youth following the actress could act only lady-oriented films. Poonam Pandey to select the movie of the same reason. In this film, Poonam gave a good performance. The The film will be released in English and nine other languages, "he said.  Punampande, Milan, Samrat, Suman, Zakir, Ravi Kale, Jeeva, Khushi, Farah, classic, Samba, cast-language starring film camera: siramprasad, dance: premraksit, star, Vinay, Fights: Vijay, co-producer: Ravi Har Coot, Producer: Mahesh rathi, music, directed by: viruke

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