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Happy Birthday Chandini (Chitram Bhalare Vichitram)

 Happy birthday Chandini

 Movie bhalare miracle "Happy Birthday to the heroine chandini                                                           - Kartikadrimkriyosans 'Kasicaran', 'Lovers', starring as the famous Chandni please everyone today (agastu 12) celebrates his birthday. Kartik's Dream, directed by Bhanu Prakash balusu currently kriyosans chandini experiment, the production of Fame as the No. -1 upcoming movie 'the film pretends to vicitransa bhalare. Kant piuma producer of the film. Ms. pisilpa offering voice, the film is in the final stages of shooting. Today, the heroine of the upcoming birthday Happy Birthday telupukuntunnaru chandiniki Chitra unit. Happy Birthday, specifying the unit during the Chitra .. 'kasicaran', 'Lovers', starring as the lead role in Chandni please impressed everyone, as our banner Kartik's upcoming film Dream kriyosans -1 No. Productions' film is playing in bhalare trained. Dedication is very well acted with a lot of passion about our Chitra unit sampayincina our heroine chandini everyone to acknowledge our image bhalare trained unit .. happy birthday on behalf of all the films made so far chandini character in the film is very varied. The film also brought him a very good name, he said .

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