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Sunil To Romance With Mannara Chopra

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 Sunil Chopra film opposite Manar arpie kriyosans Comicize many different roles as an actor, starring Sunil Super Success achieved the opposite, received critical praise for capping the storyline terriphik well as talented as a director, film director Nominated dark akella sinipramukhula the presence of the most recently completed priestcraft exposition. Agastu related to the first week of the regular shooting of the film from the start. Cinnacitrallo as Blockbuster, rather than bolster the Telugu film indastriki Telugu audience with the introduction of new janar love Chitramidhi uttamabhiruci the producer of the film produced by the production of the banner kriyosans arsudarsan arpie No. No it 'is as -2. The hero in this movie opposite Bollywood star Sunil Chopra heroine Priyanka Chopra is the heroine's sister Manar. Comments on this occasion arsudarsan matladututelugu film producer Chitra industry harar janar had introduced a new love story is a comedy film arpiekriyesans kickstart our banner. After three generations of Range velutundani proved short film in the blockbuster film Chitramidhi love. TV still love the audience to look at this picture vastuntayante phone calls Chitramidhi film, patukupoyindo ceppanakkarledu been able to give our banner. No. -2 such as the production of the banner with a picture of the story nirmicalante ceyyali the same range. So many stories I have heard about. If you would like to bring back some of the weight I did love story Chitramidhi range. Meanwhile capping Chitra Director Nominated dark akella I really like the story. Have decided to do this film in our banner. As soon as the hero Sunil said. He is also very good as soon as he heard gave us grinsignal. Purticesukunnamu priestcraft in Ramanaidu Studios recently. Sunil comedy timing is right to fit the right saw for the heroine. Tapstar Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra Chopra select sistar did Munnar. Zid in Bollywood with the film, Chopra paricayamayyindi Munnar. Our film will be introduced by the English. Bharitanga very asaktiga throughout the suspense, unexpected twists, comedy than romance of Chitramidhi have to begin with the story of the film Nominated director. When the Saptagiri by the star comedian in our banner, which was not seen as a distinct comedy. His performance also succeeded in the audience to come to dhiyotar. Agastu medativaranlo continue the regular shooting schedule to start the plan. The image of the upcoming action entertainer said that all sections of the preksakulnialaristundi  Nominated director Sunil Krishna akella .. With the already familiar to me. Also a very good friend Said many times that the movie will bring a good story. After capping the film I wanted to make a commercial film, and wrote this story. The Passion of the value of the good or the producer of the film. Sudarshan Reddy garu to tell the story. He impressed greatly scheduled as soon as he told the story of Sunil garu. Ematram thinking about what he said ceddam. Priestcraft, even in the presence of a distinguished career, has been completed recently. Mr. Sunil miss the action in the film is comedy timing. Sunil's kamedini, showing the action of the mix. In addition to kottaga an unexpected turn. One in every viewer in suspense to come to dhiyotar and send the Comicize. Saptagiri phulpledjd role in the film. Saptagiri comedy vundabotundi beyond his previous films. Agastu to go onto film sets from the Mannar Sunil Chopra is playing the heroine opposite Bollywood. In addition to fans, said Sunil Telugu audiences that impressive .. ..  Sunil entertainer upcoming action film, Mannar Chopra (contact), kabhir Singh (Jill Fame), Saptagiri, Nagineedu, drunkard Ramesh, Pradeep Rawat, prdvi, rajaravindra, suprit Reddy, saphi, Adhurs Raghu, progressive, melodic, and others while acting in pure noir .. Music: dhines, Art: Ramana Wonka, camera: Sai Ram, Editor: emarvarma, Co-Directors: Ramachandra, sivanjaneyulu, Costumes: Mastan, piarvo: Eluru, Shri co-producers: Master arayus No, arpiaksit Reddy, Producer.: Arsudarsan Reddy, story-interview Alien darsakatvam: Nominated dark akella

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