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Prabhas Interview about Baahubali

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 Prabhas Interview about Baahubali  Baahubali  '... Ace indastritopatu eppudeppudu total released in India? It is anticipated that movie. Darsakadhirudu undefeated in the direction of Aish Young Rebel Star Prabhas, Anushka, Tamanna, Rana, Sathyaraj, Nasser, as ramyakrsna cast, this movie is that the high technical standards. Darsakendrudu keraghavendraravu visual presentation arkamidiya Works banner produced by Prasad Devineni sobhu yarlagadd High Expectations grandiyarga movie theaters among the highest in the world wide release on July 10. Prabhas interview with the Young rebalstar .. We're sorry to fans ... "Baahubali " One and a half year before the full ceyalanukunnam film. But it took two and a half time. The two and a half for my movie fans have a lot of weight. They also feel, either. But making such a film in the cinema for tomorrow is to take as much time as we do not want to be karekte. Telugu cinema feel prestijiyas movie. I'm a emosanallo ... If the height of the films so far, 'Baahubali ' in height. Although most of the front face of tensions in the movie "Face bahubalisinimaki have very different tensions. For two and a half working on this film, the big-budget movie, the grand release, more languages ​​are going to be released, was a kind of emotion. We do not know how to say. I'm feeling the tension is greater than the first film. Big challenge in my career ... Before the six-year project will be a big rajamauligaru said. Twenty minutes before the three years, said the script. Since then, the emotion of the film when it was released. Big challenge in my career. Going into this movie six months before sutingki kattiyuddhalu, horse riding, rock klayimbing have such a practice. How have the character to do the workshops. Anipincaleduindiyan risk is that avatar ... 'Baahubali ', it appeared to risk. Similar to the movies because it was a very long time to come. If the newly adiyenski nothing like that. He saw no risk. Hyayast due to budget more languages, most theaters are released. The visuals in this film that the director of karanjohar appreciated by the Indian avatar. 'Bahubaliki said in front of the four or five lines ... "Before bahubaliki krsnadevarayalapai a story, a story allurisitaramarajupai, told the story of a king have four or five lines. He did not, but why satispaksan. Then the 'Baahubali ', the story said. Everyone loved it. 'Baahubali ' necks T IS Planning Part 2 Movie ... The second part will start on September 15 from the Baahubali . Despite the gap in the middle to varkavuts. According to a planning to go. Dipend my next movie will be the basis for planning the second part. If you do something to make another movie in the middle of the gap. We have two parts so as to ... Ceddamanukunnam a part of the film. However, due to the short film missavutunnayanipincindi emotions. That is why the second part ceyalanukunnam. We vandaretlaindi than expected ... Rajamauligarito is a good introduction for me. Gap unnappudanta matladukuntuntam sitting together. I thought to take on a big project, but after the completion of the first schedule of the respanski vandaretlu than expected, and we understand that. Wide parts of India, but also in Hollywood, 'Baahubali ' writes boast about. Once in a Lifetime Movie ... Once in the Lifetime movie. Story telling, Vision, said he would release any of Languages. Biggest Motion Picture English by the Indian. Many people have worked hard for it in many different ways. Almost forty, fifty years is not such a film. Indian film by prestijiyas movie hero in this film that I can simply say that I was a hero. Migatavanni see rajamauligare. Time is also allotted time for this personnel. I am not, rajamauligaru his family, Senthil, sabusiril this movie so many people have given up their Families. Headcount in this film, they will come lokesanki became very egjait. Impact untundimanci scripts to ensure that the plan ... Each is a star, 'Baahubali ' will not come back as a movie. Good luck and bid for the opportunity to now. 'Baahubali ' will be the impact. But the impact of selecting the next films to choose good scripts. Challenging Action Part ... Challenging the film seemed to be part of the action. If the work I've done over 300 days to 380 days of shooting. Yaksanpart which is 250 days. Solard operation time was shooting the film. However, in spite of shoulder pain earlier than this film to eksarsaijas, things like lifting weights to increase the pain. The tensions were forced to ... Rumours were shooting a lot of time. Gisukundi hand when walking near waterfalls in Kerala slip. Prabhas's shooting fell, hit him on the head, went into a coma after a lot of calls, a lot of today's vinapaddayi the peddanannaki he would phone me gantakokasari. Aredu months of tension for us was the phone calls. These are all rumors ... Tappakunta something to make the wedding day. Adeppudanedi certainly can not say right now. Vastunnavanni rumors about my marriage. It is not a film ... The success of a film, with a number of the collections is not cerukuntamani pojisan. Ten, fifteen process. I will be sure to get a good offer ... Bollywood will not do. I will be sure to get a good offer. The bilingual film in Telugu, Tamil and want to be sure. Jackson film to do so due to time prabhudevagarito phrendphip starred in the action. 'Shiva' is the film in Telugu Industry ento said. Now, many of bahubalito the Telugu film telusukuntunnam in Mumbai that the film was aprisiyet. Fight master .. Action engineer .. Action engineer Peter Heins is not the master of the fight. There is no one who is planning. Most of the movies I've done with him. He did not fully involved in the film. War sequence ropsto thirty, forty fighters egurutundela have a saligudulo ropstone plan. As well as eight tons of four Industrial Cranes for the statue was used to sustain the scene. Special care has been taken in many ways similar to Peter Heins. Vietnam from the Sun, tan, three were in luck. Training in relation to the action partski, including four from each of kattiyuddhalu iccevallu aidugantalu. He is master .... Baahubali 's next film after the uhincalem cestaronani to rajamauligaru. Vision's next film, which he turns into a movie. He must return to Hollywood. Vidhamane his thinking is different. There is also a very good relationship with him personally. If the morning to eleven at night for up to five hours, he will be speaking to. Talk about each film. Salahalistuntaru a lot of things. A guruvulanti person. Personnel is also a very important person to me. Ex trardinari music and background score ... What are the two songs in the film. Paccabottesina ..., .. except for the bit manohari are songs. When all of ayipoyam visually stun. Kiravanigaru vijuvalki the music, is ekstrardinariga byagraundskor. Cudalenemo such producers ... Movie designed a vision. Gats tisukellalante is possible only if such a film sets. As well as the need to be very patient. Murali Prasad producers, sobhu yarlagaddagariki has to hyatsap the case. Svecchaniccaru they wish to grandiyarga film unit. The movie is now bringing forward the grand level of the audience. So far, I have not seen such producers, think I do not see. About heroines ... Anushka 'Baahubali ' is the third film I've made. The heroine is a very kamphartabul. Tamanna is also a very hard worker and professional. Projects necks t ... After the movie, a movie is to be directed by sujit. Movies banner gopikrsna're planning, as well as a film.

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