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Indian Post Man Audio Launched

 indian postman audio launched

  'Indian Post of Men' songs, the introduction of the Home Minister  An 'Indian Post of Men "is also going to Hollywood. Ramesh Reddy THUMMALA darsakanirmananlo made the film 'The Indian Post of Men'. The film was made in English, along with the Telugu version philincambar held in Hyderabad songs noise. Spicy Home Minister Nai narsinhareddi wishes to citrayunit provided unveiled songs from the movie.  One hundred days of the film wanted to play a half-hearted Nai narsinha Reddy said. The Telangana struggle history, their fighting spirit, he said. Spicy all begs the theme of the film was taken.  Ajay Kumar - Vedic hirohiroyinluga all new to them, and made this film in 1969 - 72 in the period and made on the basis of the actual event. Men around a post, the story is taking place against the background of the movie Love Story. Ellamprem this film, sayicand music. The backdrop of Telangana songs heard in the film.  The filmmakers Ramesh Reddy said THUMMALA Chitra features. Spicy fighting against the background of the film, in 1969 - 72 in the period terakekkincanani the story said. Spicy of the film, said Bathukamma will be a super hit songs. The film is being released worldwide, with all the qualities that have been done with a budget of Rs 50 lakh. In the Hollywood film business is already being Rs one crore, he said.  Spicy film director Ramesh Reddy unfairly being true artists, inkennallu film, the filmmakers said Rafi. Nocukokunda recognition of the typical Spicy artists to recognize the home minister said on the occasion.  Citrayunit program, along with the audio vedaka filmmakers Rafi inkennallu film, the filmmakers tiger Amritsar Goud, tiyudablyu vice president attended the delta birds

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