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Daana Veera Soorakarna Censor Completed

 Daanaveera soorakarna censor

 he completion of the sensor 'danavira surakarna' Janakiram NTR NTR's son, the hero of the late master exposing the image-forming 'danavira surakarna'. Jeviar director. Jagapathi srisayi Pictures, Santosh Productions jointly jebaraju this film, casani nirmatu Venkateswara. Filming, production karyakamrau completed. The end of July or the first week of August to bring forward preparations for the film is the audience. Nirmatu said ... 'Ba Ramayana' coming banatinatuto throughout the film. Janakiram Krishna, son of the late master of the bullet, the second son playing Soumitra sahadevuniga. Both were amazingly Act. Anipincukuntaru grandsons grandfather's worth of action. Banatunta as well as the rest of the cast is also excellent. Jeviar director, is very effective in every frame. Kausya under the leadership of music for the song is a good response. Who specifically for the film sets, graphics pradhanakarsanaga niustayi film. The first copy was ready. Recently completed a series of sensor and clean 'U' certificate. The last week of July or the first week of August, making preparations to release the film, "he said.

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