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Cinema Chupista Maava Releasing on August 14th

 Cinema Chupistha Maava releasing on August 14

 On August 14, Cinema Chupistha Mava'      'Artsy jampala a couple rajtarun-avikagor's' Cinema Chupistha Mava"the producers said that the film would be released on August 14. Anjireddi Productions-ardiji Productions praili Entertainment in association with the US .. aryat film fox trinadharavu the film is directed by Lucky Media banner under construction. Bogadi anjireddi-bekkem Venugopal (Gopi) - Rupesh digohil jisunita this film with songs' melodies audio, film music lovers vidudalai by aristunnayi exponentially. Sekharcandra music director of this film. The company set up office to announce the release date of the film producers bekkem media samavesanlo Venugopal, Reddy, director trinadharavu nakkinatopatu Chitra prasannakumar to take part in this film dialogue writer Chitra introduce something that is being said. Sekharcandra when it led the music, melodies audio release, Cinema Chupistha Mava'songs are very happy that they are coming in response to that. When the release of the teaser of the film has become a craze after kyuriyasiti audio, keeping in mind the expectations raised in the film, the output of the sensor as soon as possible .. more addutunnamani made to improve the diddi addition, on August 14, "a film showing the human 'announced that we plan to release the film. Brahmi, Ramesh Rao, Madhu totapalli, krsnabhagavan, posani, Saptagiri, woke up, jayaksmi, Madhavi, sunitavarma other .. dialogue plays an important role in this film: Prasanna jekumar, cinematography: Sai Ram-dasaradhi sivendra, producers: bogadi anjireddi-bekkem Venugopal (Gopi) rupes digohil-jisunita, Story-Screenplay-Direction: trinadharavu fox !!

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