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V.V.Vinayak Appreciated Vinavayya Ramayya Naga Anvesh

 VVVinayak appreciated Naga Anvesh

 "Vinavayya Ramayya 'sensation honor of the hero of the director of the Naga anves vivivinayak ... 'Homemade house - the kitchen girlfriend', 'sahasabaludu vicitrakoti' as a child actor in films such as The Young and the mixture is now the leading producer sindhurapuvva krsnareddi nagaanves enartitik's vinavayya Ramayya son is being introduced in the film. Saraswati Films banner vinavayya Ramayya built on the image of the most prestigious in the world wide release on the 19th of this month. Recently, the director of this film special show vivivinayak citrayunit sensation of seeing the praise. Vivivinayak said, '' crimson flower krsnareddigarito is a good supplement. Nagaanves the introduction to his son as a child actor. Experience is the best ex-vinavayya nagaanves Ramayya the first photos appeared as the hero. Fights, dyansulu did well. Brahmi, Ali, Saptagiri comedy puyistundi throughout the giggles. Rasul ellor cinematography, Anoop music are super. Work on the film and created a better picture of a good team. Everyone must take a look, appealing to all sections of the entertainer's family, '' he said.
 VV.Vinayak and NAGA Anvesh

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