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Vijay's Jilla Audio Released Grandly

 Jilla Audio Released grandly

 songs and dance between the 'jilla' audio release !!     Arbicaudari Films in association with Sri obulesvara Productions banner supargud .. tamatam kumarreddiprasad jointly before the movie 'jilla'. Namana sankarravu co-producer. Among the most celebrated audio .. Taj Deccan songs and danceceremony was held. Diiman .. vennelakanti literature and music under the 'jilla' audio passed through the audio will be available on the market. Leading up to vijaykajal .. by Mohanlal in the film, Brahmi, sampatraj, Pradeep Rawat, mystic Raghavendra, elbisriram, surekhavani, Poornima Bhagyaraj other mukhyapatradharulu.      Pardhasaradhireddi legislators, who was the chief guest on the occasion, yesterday's top leading mass, arbicaudari tanayudukathanayakudu Ramesh Chaudhary, a leading producer enviprasad, Lord Judge, Lovers Hari, yasviarsobha, sea, Raghu stubble , Madhura Sridhar and other celebrities .. tisubbaramireddi audio releasedeach song were released and handed the first copy of the student Ramesh. Tamil arbicaudariga produced a sensational victory in the 'jilla' in Telugu atidhulandaru tadhyamani was a solid success. 'jilla' picture of the Telugu audience owes arbicaudarigariki will offer the opportunity .. with him shortly before kumarreddiprasad tamatam a straight film producers said that the preparations. Variability in the big chair of a Telugu viewers 'jilla' picture is certainly going to be a large-scale adaristarani Ramesh Chaudhary. World Music Day 'jilla' songs to be released by the audio company 'Madhura' Sridhar was happy. Tandrikodukula supplement by the wake of the 'jilla' audio 'Father's Day' day vidudalavutundadam director artinesan Chitra said to be very happy. A tour of the most interesting in the media, led by Shreyas .. silpacakravarti vyakhyataga atapatalu set up the ceremony, Adventure perform vocals appealed to significantly ahutulanu !!

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