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Tenth Lo Luck Inter Lo Kick B Tech Lo Release Date

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 On June 5, Tenth luck, Inter-kick, B.Tech ..? '  The idea of ​​the wealth of the country as a weapon in their youth .. .. .. such young people WiFi era has no feet? This is the most crucial step in its entirety anubhavistonda youth? Or straying beyond the bounds? Been sensitive to the subject of the film 'Luck Tenth, Inter-kick, B.Tech ..?'. Director Venkat been good srilaksmi this picture Thirupathamma Films. All programs will be released on June 5, the film is completed.  Contest to Students Citrayunit will host a contest to celebrate the release of Students. The ticket number to see the movie, and then type the name of the unit, said Chitra to SMS to number 9000660128. SMS will be selected from among those who said that 10 people from the Lucky Winners. The gift delivered to laptops, smart phones from the rest of the nine winners of 9 provided through the hands of the famous heroine citrayunit said. Students have the opportunity only to this, the film will be released in three days, said the contest.  The movie has a good message to the youth, along with the entertainment would be good director, said Venkat. Alaristundannaru every scene in the film is the youth. Response was good to the songs in the film, the film would become connected to all of the youth, he said.  The film Harish, Jai, Lord, glory, Geetanjali, Cauvery cast the other roles drunkard Ramesh, Jabbar portfolios of Fame .. Sudhir, Seenu, Ravi fuss, tot, Reddy, Jagadeeswara among others. Editing: Amar husks, music: JS Raj, camera: G. Amar, choreography: Samuel, Chitra presenters concerns Surender Yadav, the story of the play-by-screen Venkat good.

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