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TANA Invited Young Producer K Suresh Babu

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 'Tana' received an invitation to the young producer kesuresbabu Combines srisivaparvati under the banner of Lord Krishna's 'me a lavarundi' family entertainer, such as the fluoride issue on the themes of the film produced by the young producer kesuresbabu to inspire the youth in the South, the Indian team is producing the film. There are no problems for small producers fiddle vadoduga been trying to deal with them in the AP found suresbabu services Philinchambar many of the responsibilities assigned to him. Producers Sector Council members, Bailey and taksaijesan Sub-Committee members, AP He is currently in charge of the magazine Film Chamber, a member of the Sub Committee. Meanwhile, Telugu Association of North America (TANA) was invited suresbabu meetings. 2015 July 2, 3, 4, on Cobo Center, Detroit, to attend meetings of the Tana producer Chris kesuresbabuki Telugu Association of North America (TANA) sent an invitation. 'Tana' kesuresbabu received an invitation to the young producer said, 'Yes, a lavarundi "introduced me to the film industry as a producer Chitra construction of the problems faced by small producers, I understood the hazards. My duty was to help the producers navantu new industry. Who encounter any problem in order to solve it, I'm on my third attempt. I found the service 'Tana' I was happy to be invited to Detroit. My responsibilities are no longer in the Chamber of Film nirvartistune also support small producers represent vuntanani this occasion, '' he said.

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