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 Swathi in Tripura

  In klayimaks 'Tripura'  Swati jeramanjaneyulu presented in the title role as a crazy media banner. Cinababu, M. Rajasekhar flick 'Tripura'. 'Thanks,' Fame The final stage of this film directed by Kiran. The cinababu said - "on January 15 this image klayimyaks filming started. Until the end of the schedule two songs with the exception of the film will be completed. Next month in the first week of the songs filming modalupedatam. One Swati intro song. The song, Tamil Nadu kutram, in another song, Pollach, citrikarincanunnam in Kodaikanal, '' he said. Citravisesalu saying - "It's a horror thriller movie. Swati is playing with dynamite. Ceyaleremo annantaga no one except he is playing the role of the state. The other part is Pooja Ramachandran. He is doing well in the Act. The Kiran wrote a wonderful story. That's awesome terakekkistunnaru the story. The story, article, Swati performance, taking the royal Kiran, fight master Vijayan, who also composed the action scenes are the highlight of this film. The story tistunnam spent rajipadakunda on demand, "he said. The director said - "We're a strong story in this film. Tripura What does the suspense for the time being. Utkanthaku throughout the aim is to make this film, '' he said. The film's screenplay: konavenkat, Srinivas veligonda, said: Raja, cinematography: Ravi Kumar Sanaa, Editing: Upendra, songs: Chandra, ramajogayyasastri, producers: ecinababu, M. Rajasekhar, story-direction: rajakiran, offering: jeramanjaneyulu

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