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Shreyas media released on June 26 by the 'Pramadam' Sambit, mausami, friendship, Allen key array Movies banner presented by the 'Pramadam'. Pradeep Das, Tapas Kumar Jena array, the film director. The film will be released in English Shreyas media. During a press conference held this array Chitra producer Pradeep Kumar, Shreyas Srinivas took part in the media. We have in the past, "bhadram 'style images released in English and received a good success. The film also saw the accident. The film is well-liked by our Shreyas media I decided to release it. The film was released in English on July 26, to be released in theaters 75-100. Telugu audiences have not seen a horror movie so far, all of the different media to attract Shreyas Srinivas said. The songs in the film, there will be comedy is not just a horror. The story revolves around seven people. The film is anandagam to telugulovidudala by Shreyas media. The film was released on June 26, said producer Kumar Array

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