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Pramadam Movie Producer Pradeep Interview

Pramadam Create New Trend in Horror Films -Producer Pradeep 
 Pramadam Producer Pradeep Kumar Interview

Sambith,Mousumi,Sneha starrrer 'Pramadam' Chavu 100% is directed by Pradeep Dash and produced by Pradeep Arra under Arra movies banner makers planning to release this movie on June 26 in 75-100 theaters in association with Shreyas Media on this occasion here is our exclusive interview Pradeep  Kumar Arra 

Tell about the film Pramadam ?
Pramadam is an out and out Horror film right the first scene to last scene total film is based on horror concept .Pramadam is very different film compare to recent horror movies .we made this film with out any songs and comedy we are releasing Pramadam on June 26 so watch it and enjoy one thing i can say this kind of film is new to Telugu cinema

Any Reason for Selecting Horror Script ?
From the Last Few years i want to produce Telugu cinema. earlier we planned to do love story due to limited budget we selected horror film more than than now Horror films  has great demand . i am sure this film will create new trend in Telugu cinema 

Have you faced Any un forgettable Situations during shootings?
We made this film around Araku. two to three incidents has taken place during shooting our artists are injured few are minor and few are major .

Tell us about Director ?
This is the debut film for director Tapas even though its his first film he did an excellent job he made this film with natural effects at the same time our music director Sam Prasann has given excellent Back Ground score for this film 

How Many screens your are planning to Release this film ?
We are Planning to Release this film in 75-100 Theaters in association with Shreyas Media and we are also releasing  our Pramadam in Karnataka and Chennai

Finally what you want to say for Audience ?
As i said Pramadam is a pakka horror film it will give you different thrill. horror movie lovers will enjoy it . Censor people got scared while watching this film as a result they have given 'A' Certificate ,Visuals,Acting and Sound Effects  will impress audience .

Future Projects ?
We are planning to do sequel for Pramadam currently we are in pre production works for that project and One love story is in Pipe line 

with that we concluded our interview .Telugucinemas.in wishing a very good luck to Pradeep and Team . 

 Horror films of the 'pramadam' of a new trend srstincabotondi ..! Sambit, mausumi, friendly tapas presentation of the main characters Zenana Movies array, the array produced by Pradeep Kumar, the film was directed by Dash 'at pramadam'. Subtitle death of 100%. The film is set for release on June 26, completing the programs. The sinijos interview with Chitra producer Kumar array .. .. How the movie is going to be? The full-length horror film. Against a horror movie from the beginning until the last klaimaks. Citralaku is quite different from the regular horror. The film, comedy, songs, romance s not. The full-length horror film. Seven patraluntayi film. Telugu film did not get far. I want the audience to the film begs to be released June 26. What is the reason to choose a horror script ..? I think all the way in producing films in English. The first film I wanted to build a good love story. But the horror story is our limited budget, but this film has been bid. In addition, the ongoing trend of horror films. Horror films of the 'pramadam' srstincabotondi of a new trend. Are there any memorable experiences shooting in time ..? The film is organized around citrikarananta folder. For two of the three events held at the time of the shooting incident, guricesayi artist. The artist should be keke jump and break the glass. There is a depth of ten feet under the glass window. While he suffered some blows to shoot the scene. Actress from the light fell on the feet of a girl. It was serious enough to join in the hospital. .. About the director? It was the first film director to tapas. When I'd told the same story based neret. If the audience feels more natural as the graphics in the movie would be filmed in the way. All new natinatulaina played fantastic. Prasan scenes as well as the music director Sam was in line with the good background score. .. How many are about to release in theaters? The picture of the two states to be approximately 75 to 100 theaters Shreyas released by the media. As well as in Karnataka, Chennai're in the release. However, to tell the audience ..? Horror movie lovers will like this film is sure. They are also afraid to look at the film censor board. Visual, in terms of acting, the audience is impressive sound effects. Curiosity, a lot of the film is what will happen next. Next Projects ..? Experiences of the film was good. We had to build up Part 2 of the story of the accident. As well as the plan was to film a love story.

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