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Jyothi Lakshmi Success meet Held in Hyderabad

 jyothi lakshmi successmeet

 "jyothi lakshmi 'Success Meet Charmi posing with leading association sikeentartainment praili, srisubhasveta Films Banners jointly by the film 'jyothi lakshmi'. The film was a huge success when it was released on June 12. Saksesmitnu prasadlyabslo was set up in Hyderabad on Saturday citrayunit. The ... Purijagannath said: "Audience response to the film. My teacher gave Ram Gopal varmagaru complement for the first time in your career in the Best Movie tisavani. Malladhi venkatakrsnamurtigaru liked my story so trendiga tisavani. Satyamurtigaru My Life philai author of the film, which is the best pen. Not for males and females. Respect should be given to women adavallukuda. Adade also because of the prostitute. Respect for women's thong to maximize the unique look of the film. Woman born to see the film, it is preferred movies. Those who are reluctant to see the last film in which a woman is born, as well as movies, '' he said. Charmi said: "The movie to me is that all jyothi lakshmi. This morning, some of the women from the Society nenunde and admire the film played well. Audience comes from a good response when the thiyetarski. Citramidani pleased with the interest in their family to a movie istapadevallu say, '' he said. Sikalyan producer, said, '' since the release of the movie poster for the film to tell the hittavutundani. Audience of the day, given the success of the case. No one was able to stop the movie's success. Failure film waste matter how much promotion. Very lady-oriented films have been released so far. However, it is the first time in 450 theaters in its first lady-oriented movie. Puri annayyade all the credit. Taking purigari, charmigari performance in the film was the biggest hit movie. Family Film Hundred percent of women watch the film together. Puri older brother gave me the gift to feel this success. Charmi Production Management acted as the heroine. He is a very good Job. Charmiki ektakapurlaga is also a production house soon. The team will make movies again and again. The film is directed by purigari varuntejto soon. Setspaiki going soon. The film also think it would be a big success, '' he said. The true hero of the 'little character in this film came to be. But it appeared as the hero. And thanks to purigariki. In this film we will be doubled respect to women in the house, '' he said. Siviravu this program, bieraju, Sunil Kashyap, pijivinda, Ajay Ghosh, Sandy, their happiness over the success of the film was attended by bhadram.

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