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Aditya Om Friend Request Teaser Launch Photos

 Modern film produced and directed by Aditya Om Vijay Verma pakalapati of self-management Telugu, Hindi languages ​​simultaneously formed the 'friend request'. Prasad Labs in Hyderabad on Sunday in the teaser image rudrapati padmaraju, kevisatyanarayana, has been launched together with Ramesh Prasad. On this occasion ..  Padmaraju rudrapati said, "a suspense thriller film. Youth will be connected to the well. The film in Bollywood style. The cinematography is good. The two languages, the film becomes a big hit," he said.  Kevisatyanarayana said, "In the meantime, horror films are becoming a wider audience. The film also wanted the same ones," he said.  Aditya Om director said, "a thriller set in the back drop of Facebook is built in the image of today's youth is impressive. Action is very pradanyatanicci episode is produced this film with high technical values. Technologically advanced hero in Bollywood film upayogincam use the technology," he said.  Vijay Verma said, "Part of the shooting has been completed. As well as in post-production editing, graphics part is complete. Ririkarding by July, including diaito have completed all the post-production of programs are planned for release later.  The program Ramesh Prasad, Chitra team wishes to take part in rayapati said Rao.  In addition to starring in the film, cast, technicians and Chitra Partners Bam, Ambarish, Narendra were present.  Music: lavan-viral, camera: Siddhartha, Editing: Prakash.



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