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Telangana Cinema And Tv Bouncers Bodybuilders Association Launched

 Telangana Body Builders Association and the beginning of the film and TV Bouncer  In addition to the 24 branches of the film industry, another branch was opened. TV bouncer and Body Builders Association and the Telangana film. 'May' Day to mark the occasion, the leader of the small delta Yadav under the auspices of the Association was opened to the public. The event was held in Hyderabad, Telangana talasani Srinivas Yadav, Minister of State cinematography viccesiasosiyesan logo was unveiled by the chief guest. The program director N. Shankar, sivajiraja, kadambari Kiran, Venkat Prasad, bouncers and Body Builders Association President B. Narsingyadav were present. The event honored the various asosiyesanki Yadav of the members of the small delta. Yadav, in this case, small delta .. 'film is still much to be done for the workers. The Association 'May' Day was happy to start the day. The May Day workers in the film industry and housing baunsarsku also want to have a minister .., "he said. Naveen Yadav, president of Jubilee emaiem .. 'baunsarsku with housing, insurance would also mantrigarini ippincavalasindiga .., "he said. After the invention of cinematography varyulu talasani Srinivas Yadav logo .. "baunsars and Body Builders, which stands for the defense of many celebrities who have formed the Association of Srisailam Yadav appreciate the little brother. My turn will help to arrange for the building of the community, represent sabhamukhanga offer of Rs 5 lakh. Yet the film, TV, every worker in relation to the degree of effort the government will ippincadaniki homes. Citrapuri as required Srisailam Yadav, the brother of the ten acres of government land near the colony there, look at the accommodation provided to them. Citrapurikalanilo as well as many of the anomalies already got my attention. See also the matter. Chitra industry is torn between the hands of a few. Ententa who are now being paid. I know all things in the hands of many theaters unnayivanti. The drstipedatam soon .., "he said.

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