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Rakshasudu Releasing on May 29

 Rakshasudu Release date

 On March 29, Surya Rakshasudugrand release  'Ghajini', 'Yama' Krazy superb films in English, which is owned by the sun's image, glamorous Queen sick, Pranitha opposite, different stories, stories consecutive winning director Venkat Prabhu the director, 'the age of man', 'Awara', 'Yama' ' singam 'sansesanal hits such as provided by Studio Green construction company, sponsored the Surya Rakshasuduon the keijnanavel. Melody Master yuvansankar Raja songs recently released Super hittayyayi. Peppermint kriyosans intellectual leaders in this picture rajababu (krsnareddi), Peppermint ravindar Reddy is released. The sensor programs have been completed. Had an amazing response from the sensor members. All programs have a complete picture of the Surya Rakshasuduon March 29, is released worldwide at the Grand.  Speaking on the occasion, producer keijnanavel. "Sun, sick, Pranitha starrer, directed by Venkat Prabhu movie 'Surya Rakshasudu' will be released on May 29. Sun has been designed as a very different character. The film is in English Surya Rakshasuduthat is different to the title mean vundabotundo . garu in the sun, there is a particular image. praticitraniki large openings are made in Telugu. The film is Surya Rao, Telugu audience to ask. It made it into mass action entertainer. The sun, sick of the images in combination with a very big hits. Back to a combination of the two, when expectations are huge. Everyone has expectations to receive the film. The director Venkat Prabhu is new in every film. He is popular to pick out the concept. kanspt now with a new image of the Surya Rakshasuducoming. It is the sixth film in that direction. The music made for a fashionable kriyot yuvansankar Raja's music is outstanding. The sensor members are also very happy admiring the wonderful picture, "he said  Peppermint is one of the chief suppliers, intellectual kriyosans krsnareddi Telugu version of the "Golden Sun's 'Surya Rakshasudu' of the Telugu version keijnanavel garu our special thanks was given to us. The film will be released by the Intellectual release. The film is superb. Sick, Pranitha s playing as the heroines. censor formalities have been completed today. The sensor had a good response from members. Complete all of the programs and will be released on May 29th. " He said.

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