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Raja & Raja creations launch Photos and Details

 Raja and Raja

 King & King Productions, rather than the 'King & King Creations' suggested  Rajendra Prasad - in combination Shivaji Raja Raja & Raja Creations'            Movie Artist Association President Rajendra Prasad natakiriti .. promise after the welfare nilustuvari vadoduga fiddle with the aim of artists continues to be poor. As well as a leading actor Sivaji Raja 'our' has been General Secretary of the continuing support to the Rajendra prasad. Shivaji Raja-Rajendra Prasad, however, is not only associated with one of our relationship .. intimacy between Kannan has been very good friends for the last 30 years. Shivaji Raja Rajendra Prasad-as part of a new banner sthapincabotunnaru together.      Rajendra Prasad-TV and Film Productions, with Rajas .. Shivaji Raja Raja & Creations (R & R Productions) in the name of pettabotunnaru start. On May 29, an event that is celebrated today the epoch. Raja & Raja said a few things about the creations. Raja and Raja creations, particularly in the television series and in parallel films nirmincabotunnam task. Soon, 'this' tv pettabotunnam a program to start in our banner. More good Programmes as well as in the rest of the andincabotunnam all channels. In the future, so as to sustain the good name of our byanar films and television programs produced our goal. The combination of our two rupudiddukuntunnaraja & Raja creations go the path of success .. And you want to be always blessed everyone. However, this program is officially announced after the jarapalanukunnappatikii day (May 29) bagundadanto muhurtam program had been said. The other matters will be announced in a few days, the official said.       Raja & Raja Raja's son-in-creations to the executive producers balajisivaji Kiran Kumar Verma, will serve as the son of Rajendra Prasad. Kaikadi, who was the chief guest of the program muhurtapu satyanarayananagi Rajendra Prasad Reddy-cakrapanilanu ideally go-ahead to take the blessing of Raja Shivaji. As well as some of the more well-known film director esvikrisna Reddy, come to the show this epoch gave their best vises

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