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Addanki Ravi Met Pawan Kalyan

Janasena cheif met Addanki Ravi of West Bengal, who  met the Power Star Pawan Kalyan Power Star Pawan Kalyan is like a lot, accustomed to. Istantone that is very difficult, almost a month after making the journey on a bicycle today met his favorite actor Ravi block. Poor kharag a resident of West Bengal. This month (April) and began to travel on a motorcycle from 3 kharag poor. Today, nearly 1500 km journey (April 30) at 5 pm, he met the chief Ravi janasena. Ralanunci many years and wish him kalavalanna tirindani with today, tanakento ceppalenata emotional speech that was happy. Janasena fan who met him in the head, Pawan Kalyan received warm

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