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Sree Vishnu People Media Factory's Production No 32 Titled Swag

 Sree Vishnu, Hasith Goli, TG Vishwa Prasad, People Media Factory's Production No 32 Titled Swag, Concept Video Is Humorous

Hero Sree Vishnu and director Hasith Goli will be re-uniting for yet another exciting project that is going to be more entertaining than Raja Raja Chora. Tollywood’s popular producer TG Vishwa Prasad will produce the movie on a bigger scale on People Media Factory with Vivek Kuchibhotla co-producing it. The makers wishing Sree Vishnu on his birthday have announced the film’s title.

The title has been announced through a concept video that sees a funny conversation between animals in the jungle about electing the new leader, after taking the crown from the lion. While Sunil gave a voiceover for the lion’s character, Gangavva gave a voiceover for the monkey’s character. Finally, the title is revealed as Swag.

Sree Vishnu who makes an appearance as a king uttered only one dialogue in the concept video. “Magavadiki Magavaadi Unikini Nilabettina Maa Swaganiki Vamshaniki Swagatham.”

Judging by the teaser and the humorous concept video, the film Swag is going to be an out-and-out entertainer with a unique concept.

Almost the same team that worked for Raja Raja Chora will be working for Swag as well. Vedaraman Sankaran cranks the camera, whereas Vivek Sagar provides the music and Viplav Nyshadham is the editor. The other technicians include GM Shekar taking care of the art department, while Nandu master will take care of stunts.

The film’s heroine and other details are awaited.

Cast: Sree Vishnu

Technical Crew:

Producer by T.G. Vishwa Prasad

Written & Directed by Hasith Goli

Co-Producer: Vivek Kuchibotla

Creative Producer: Krithi Prasad

Cinematographer: Vedaraman Sankaran

Music: Vivek Sagar

Editor: Viplav Nyshadham 

Art Director: GM Shekar

Stylist: Rajini

Choreography: Sirish Kumar

Stunts: Nandu Master

Publicity Designs: Bharanidharan 

Executive Producer: Anunagaveera 

Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra, Ramajogayya Sastry, Jonnavithula, Nikhilesh Sunkoji, Swaroop Goli

Sound Design: Varun Venugopal Co-Director: Venki Surendar (SURYA) 

VFX & DI: Deccan Dreams

Colorist: Kiran 

VFX Supervisor: V Mohan Jagadish (JAGAN) 

Cartoon Anime: Thunder Studios

Direction Team: Praneeth, Bharadwaj, Prem, Shyam, Karimulla, Swaroop

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