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Hanuman Movie Hero Teja Sajja Inaugurates My School ITALY’s "Nature's Lap

Hanuman Movie Hero Teja Sajja Inaugurates My School ITALY’s "Nature's Lap" - A Unique Initiative by European Neuroscience Based Preschool.  This being the 15th Preschool with creche in India.

Hyderabad, February 19, 2024:- In a pioneering move towards revolutionizing early childhood education in India, European Neuro Based My School, an Italian educational institution, proudly unveiled its first pre-school and kindergarten establishment in the country, named "Nature's Lap." The grand inauguration ceremony, held at Jubilee Hills Road No. 25, witnessed the esteemed presence of Hanuman movie hero, Teja Sajja, as the chief guest.

Addressing the gathering, Teja Sajja expressed his enthusiasm for this innovative initiative, emphasizing the transformative potential of learning amidst the serene embrace of nature. He highlighted the significance of breaking the conventional barriers of classroom education, offering children a holistic learning experience intertwined with the wonders of the natural world.

"I am truly honored to inaugurate Nature's Lap, where children will embark on a journey of discovery, surrounded by the beauty and wisdom of nature. This endeavor symbolizes our commitment to nurturing a generation deeply connected to the environment," said Teja Sajja.

He also spoke about his upcoming movie projects and stated that, there are no plans of making sequel of Hanuman movie as of now. They need some more to time to start it again. Till that time he will be working on some other projectors. 

It’s a brainchild of My School ITALY’s Founder and MD, Dr Aperna Volluru, a Cambridge Alumini and the visionary behind Nature’ Lap, Mr Prasad Garapati, Founder Chairman of the organization, shared his inspiration drawn from the practical and nature-centric approach to education prevalent in Italian schools. He emphasized the school's mission to instill a profound understanding of colors, flowers, and birds among children, fostering an enduring bond with the natural world.

"Inspired by the Italian model of education, we are thrilled to introduce the concept of 'under the sky' learning at Nature's Lap. Through hands-on experiences and outdoor exploration, we aim to cultivate a love for nature while nurturing young minds," stated Prasad Garapati.

Aiming for expansive growth, the organization aims to establish 150 new branches within the coming year, spreading the ethos of nature-based education across the nation.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed My School ITALY Patron H. E. Nawab Raunaq Yar Khan, the IX Nizam of Hyderabad, who has given this piece of 2 acres of green land for the children to get good education in their childhood. The other dignitaries were, Italian Embassy Representative, Dr Maria Daniele, CEO of Decathlon, Frank and wife Peggy, Music Director RP Patnaik, Principal Commissioner of Income Tax Dr. D Sudhakar Rao, Jagadish, and other prominent personalities.

With Nature's Lap, European Neuroscience Based My School ITALY sets a new benchmark in early childhood education, promising a transformative learning experience that transcends the confines of traditional classrooms.

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