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Director Dasari Eshaku About Radha Madhavam

 'Radha Madhavam' is a very good message-oriented film: Director Dasari Eshaku

Radha Madhavam is a beautiful love story film produced by Gonal Venkatesh starring Vinayak Desai and Aparna Devi playing the lead roles. This movie is directed by Dasari Eshaku. Vasanth Venkat Bala provided the story, lyrics, and dialogues for the film. The song, teaser, and trailer have already created a positive buzz for the film. Radha Mdhavam is going to be released on March 1st. On this occasion, director Dasari Eshaku interacted with the media.

I had an interest in movies since childhood. That's why I ran away from my home and came to Hyderabad. I used to do some work here and try my hand at films. I have worked in all departments like editing and camera. I joined Annapurna Institute with an interest in directing. I used to save money by doing a part-time job for that. So, I came out of Annapurna Institute after taking training in the direction department.

In 2019, the producer Gonal Venkatesh was introduced to me by a friend. Earlier, we worked together on a plan to make a film for Aha. Due to some reasons, the project was halted. After that, the producer told me the story of Radha Madhavam. I heard this story written by writer Vasanth and liked it very much. So, we started this project.

I’ve known Vinayak Desai for a long time. We are gym mates. We felt Vinayak is an apt choice for this movie. But we searched a lot for the heroine. We looked for a heroine who would be a perfect match for Vinayak’s height. Although Aparna Devi is not that tall, we cast her as she is a good performer. Meka Ramakrishna liked this story very much. He gave a nod immediately, after hearing the story.

Radha Madhavam's songs, teaser, and trailer got a very good response. The buzz on our film indeed increased, with such a massive response for the promos. I am very happy to see such a positive response to our film. Music director Kolli Chaitanya provided beautiful songs. BGM is also amazing.

Radha Madhavam is a perfect movie to watch with family. Along with family, the movie has appealing love scenes that will connect well to the youth. Radha Madhavam is a very good message-oriented movie, along with love and other youth-appealing elements. The audience leaves the theatres with a feeling that they have seen a very good movie. Our film which is coming on March 1st is sure to impress the audience from all walks of life.

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