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Natarathna Grand Trailer Launch Event - Preparations for February Release

 Natarathna Grand Trailer Launch Event - Preparations for February Release

Natarathnalu is a movie starring Inaya Sultana, Sudarshan Reddy, Rangasthalam Mahesh and Thagubothu Ramesh. Directors who gave many hits also acted as actors in this movie. Produced by Everest Entertainment under Chandana Productions, "Nataratnalu" is a crime comedy thriller directed by director Shivanagu. The trailer launch event for this movie was very grand.

Producer Damodar Prasad Garu said: Every industry has hardships, as this is a glamour field, our difficulties are more visible and the art is to overcome them all, and the people here are proof of that. I wish the name 'Nataratnalu' to be as successful as Jati Ratnalu. The trailer is very good. I wish the producers and director Siva Nagu a good success for this film.

Telugu Film Producers Council Secretary Prasanna Kumar Garu said: Cinema is like a medicine, the more you take it, the better it is. Nataratnalu title is very good. Nataratna means Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao gave the title Nataratna very well with his blessings. Even steel can become a sword only if it is burnt in a furnace. Shivanagu is the personality that has become a sword. With the admiration for Shivanagu, the directors K. S Ravikumar Chaudhary and Samudra garu came to this program. There are difficulties in the film industry. No matter how many difficulties there is, success is achieved only if you stand in the industry. People come and go in the film industry but the film industry always remains constant. The thought that comes before a man's troubles or sufferings is to watch a movie. Director Siva Nagu is the hard working personality who can handle 24 crafts. He wishes the producers and Director Shiva Nagu of this film a big success.

Director Shivanagu said: Cinema is my life, cinema is my everything. I was born for the film and I will give up my life for the film. Since many years, my journey has been with KS Ravikumar Chaudhary and Samudra. We are good friends since before becoming directors. How come people who come to the film industry and make a film and get fail or success? I am bringing this movie to you as a story of what is being done in real life. Promotions are the reason for the success of every movie. I will continue doing promotions till the release of the film. I would like to express my special thanks to our producer, technicians and actors who have supported me so much. This movie is coming to you very soon. I want this movie to be a success and bless us.

Producer Chanti Yalamati Garu said: This film turned directors who gave good hits into actors. An new actor will be seen in Suryakiran. I came in 2002 to produce a film with an interest in film. But due to some unexpected incident I lost it. Again after a long time director Siva Nagu told me the story of these Nataratnalu. This story is like a movie within a movie. There are many youth who want to come to the industry and achieve something and become a hero, director, producer. Director Shiva Nagu is a dynamic, daring and dashing director. According to the commitment given, director Siva Nagu can make a film in the budget as much as he said. We are going to bring you the movie very soon. He wants the audience to see this movie and make it a success.

Director KS Ravikumar Chowdhury said: If you like cinema, no matter how difficult it is in the industry, it will not be difficult. Especially our director Shivanagu is a hard worker. A person who is very fond of cinema. The actors liked the film very much and worked hard. The camera work is very good. If it is last 20 minutes everyone will enjoy and be entertained. He wants this film to be a good success and get good name for Shivanagu and to bring good profits to the producer.

Director Samudra Garu said: This NataRatnalu movie is a very good story. Shivanagu has taken this story with great love and passion. He wishes this film to be a success.


Inaya Sultana, Sudarshan Reddy, Rangasthalam Mahesh, Thagubothu Ramesh, Arjun Tej, Archana, Suman Shetty, Suriyakiran, A. S Ravikumar Chaudhary and Tiger Seshadri.


Production : Chandana Productions and Everest Entertainments

Producers: Chanti Yalamati, Dr. Divya

Co-Producers : Anandasu Sri Manikantha, Koi Subbarao

Music: Shankar Mahadev

Story, Dialogues, Screenplay, Direction : Narra Shivanagu

Digital Media : The digital store

PRO : Madhu VR

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