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Naa Saami Ranga Success Celebrations Held Grandly

 Naa Saami Ranga Success: King Nagarjuna Thanks Fans And Audience For Unconditional Love

Nagarjuna Akkineni proves his versatility in 'Naa Saami Ranga,' a film produced by Srinivasa Chitturi with a substantial budget under the direction of Vijay Binny from Srinivasa Silver Screen. Presented by Pawan Kumar, the movie stars Ashika Ranganath alongside Nagarjuna, with notable roles played by Allari Naresh, Raj Tarun, Mirna Menon, and Ruksar Dhillon. Released on January 14 as a Sankranti gift, the film has triumphed as a perfect Sankranti entertainer, garnering acclaim from audiences, fans, and critics alike. Recognizing its success, the film unit organized a grand celebration, during which King Nagarjuna presented success shields to the team.

Addressing the gathering, King Nagarjuna shared his gratitude, saying, "Hello everyone. Thank you Akkineni fans and Telugu audience for unconditional love. You always spread love regardless of film success. You smile with joy when you see me. Your smile gives me courage. Thanks to all the distributors who have been very positive and given us theatres and releases. Missing our unit every moment. The journey of this movie has been amazing. Everyone worked with love. Not thanking everyone by name. I miss everyone so much. Thanks to everyone who gave me this wonderful feeling."

Reflecting on the commencement of the film, Nagarjuna reminisced, "After unveiling the statue on September 20, father's birthday, we started this film on the same day. No one in our family knew that the opening of the movie would take place. Amala asks where are you leaving for the shooting? I said, 'I have to start the movie, I have to go.' 'Can you go in the evening' means. 'It should be released by Sankranti. I have to go quickly,' I said. Then everyone looked at me with bewildered faces (laughing) and said, 'They are saying Sankranti release, are you crazy,' including the children. (Laughs) After starting the film, no one outside believes that Sankranti will come. But the faces of my team have that belief. Our belief came true. Successfully released."

Expressing gratitude to the team, Nagarjuna acknowledged, "Keeravani garu was a major reason for the completion on time. He made a timetable and encouraged us all. Excellent music was given. Thanks to Keeravani. Chandra Bose wrote beautiful songs. Thank you to everyone in the team. Thanks to all our media friends who wrote about us very positively. See you next Sankranti."

Oscar-winning composer MM Keeravani congratulated the team, stating, "Producer Srinivas decided to release the movie on Sankranti. Planned and work achieved. Congratulations to them. Congratulations to the director Vijay who made this film the fastest project. Thanks to Nagarjuna for believing in new talents and believing in teamwork. Such a sentiment was possible only because of Naresh."

Hero Allari Naresh expressed his joy, saying, "This Sankranti, Hanuman, and Naa Saami Ranga received blockbuster success. Working with Chhota Prasad was a great experience. Keeravani and Chandra Bose have an inseparable bond. I wish to always keep it up and give more good music. This movie has been supported a lot. Thanks to all the team. Vijay Binny Garu is very happy to receive success."

Director Vijay Binny, who felt fortunate for the success of his debut film, thanked the team, saying, "It is very rare that a film gets released and receives success meet shields. I feel very fortunate that this has happened for my first film. Thanks to all my direction team. Thanks to all the actors who acted in this movie. Our producer gave us every artist we asked for. That is why the movie is so lavish and beautiful. I am indebted to their trust. No matter how many times I thank Keeravani, it is not enough."

Heroine Ashika Ranganath expressed her joy and gratitude, saying, "I enjoyed my Samiranga journey a lot. Director Vijay has worked very hard. The result of his hard work has come with the success of this film. Thank you to everyone who worked on the team. Working with Keeravani is a pleasure. Thanks to the producers. Everyone calls me by the name of Varam and it is very pleasant. Nagarjuna is the main pillar of this movie. Acting with Nagarjuna was a wonderful experience. I want to do more films with him. Thank you all". 

The ceremony was very grand with all the film unit members participating.

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